Another HUGE Ethereum Token Sale is coming - STOX!

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Possibly many of you heard of Floyd Mayweather promoting Ethereum.. It was actually THIS token sale - STOX/STX

STOX is a prediction market which will have its Token Sale in 2 days on Ethereum Network.


tldr; you will be able to bet on anything you can imagine on the platform in P2P manner. Sports, politics, weather, food taste.. whatever!

The biggest thing here is that STOX

So with portal backup and their numbers this looks really great.

Open Source App

They will create open source app that will allow you to use the market and do all the trades.
My longer text on this is at

tldr here - watch the launch on it may not take long with all the hype and loads of people wanting to get in.

To join you will need to use Ethereum and you cant be from USA as usual.

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Floyd is a marketing machine. Like him or not, he can bring attention to crypto. Let's get him on Steemit!

Agreed @pairmike, we just need one or two big stars to join and the rest will follow rapidly after that. The porn star Janice who wrote the tweet about buying Ethereum would be a welcome addition too! :D

I made my own effort at bringing attention to crypto by writing about a conversation I had with a five year old boy trying to understand the crypto world.

How is Floyd supposed review the White Paper? He can't even read.

He doesn't have to. He can hire someone who can.

@trwnbc he doesn't need to read, he can pay people to read to him, just like he can pay people to wipe his ass and research ANY topic he wants. I am sure he has many paid finance advisors. He just makes the decisions and above all WINS.

@quinneaker you are right AF! :) He is the boss!

hahhahaa yea ;-)>

Mayweather can read, just not very well because he is dyslexic.

Maybe we shouldn't make fun of people with learning differences.

giphy (3).gif.

good point @aubreyferreira

where he moves, money also moves, like it or not, so it´s better to be there now

He can't read, which just makes him a parrot for others who research into such matters for him, Above all those who are swept up in the image of the man will allocate their funds where he does creating a hype surrounding said investment. People should still be doing their research on any ICO they plan to put money in. And by research I do not just mean read the whitepaper but actually look at source code and commits, checkout the profiles of the figureheads and leaders, do market analysis, see possibility of current and future competitors, and get community feedback. Time will only tell whether this is good idea on part of your average investor but for Mayweather, well he has millions to burn so I don't think he cares very much.

I doubt he would ever get here on steemit

@trendo yes he won't cause he won't waste time posting or reading peoples posts. Just doesn't make sense for him. However he may buy millions of crypto or an new ico. To find out what he is gonna invest in could be a good strategy as he has access and INFLUENCE to the REAL MAINSTREAM!

he will join steemit ike he joined instagram, people always wana be ahead of teh curve and be on a social media site FIRST and no other social media website PAYS you and NOONE isnt impressed by what steemit has going here...and look he doesnt waste his time reading instagram posts eithr or twitter posts i mean SOME posts of course people do respond to and theres maybe some shit talking on twitter or instagram between celebrities or something like that but honestly theres no reason celebrities wont also join steemit... they put so much effort into instagram why not put that effort into steemit as well, alot of them have people doing their social media for them so it is NOt much extra work to simply post stuff top steemit as well as instagram!

Once steemit gets to the size of reddit with 240 million users we will see some major sociopychological changes with peroples perception about steemit

stem at a good solid $10 per steem over the next few years will be a solid factor in peoples perception changing, theyll see that steem is here to stay, that steem as a crypto cuyrrency is stil better than the US dollar maybe not as ideal as Bitcoin but still better than Ethereum or the US dollar in the sense that you will be loosing money in cash but youll make money with steem because it is a crypto currency, it ALSO has the EASIEST form of money transaction of ANY online money system

its not only the easiest crypto currency to use, its the easiest MONEY system top use online! NO other digitla money system works as easy as steem ! With paypal you need to complte so any cpomplicated steps just to send $1 and then even that 41 will end up being like 80 cents after fees and taxes, but with steem you just go into click walet and click send and type in a screen name and thats it! you can add a memo if you wanna adda message but its optional! you just click a button write a name and thats it! u dont have to tell someone some crazy bitcoin address of numbers and letters to allow someone to send you money anywhere in teh world oin minutes for FREE by simply giving them your username! It could literally not be any more simple...its the best crypto currency for money and yet were focused on the social network aspect!
Which i really like! i really enjoy the fact that we have the best money system and dont even mention it! let peopel find it out on their own! and when we need to bost the oprice of steem we just advertse a lil and gain some users!
The fact that we PAY alone is good enough! peopel complaining about steem being an inflationary currency dont understand that it still has to be mined like any crypto currency and that our system is just more efficient than bitcoin which I UNDERTAND why it has to be like that, but over time you learn that thre must be abetter way to run a global money system without al the exohash and terawatts of electricity ging into all those bitcoin miners, and steem is just going to get prettir and clesner and the front end development is gong to be off the chain!

Steem price can wallow around $1 for months and we will all be fine, and then when it hots $2 and $4 and $10 after new features like Bitcoin and ethereum and altcoin walets are added thanks to (bitshares) people will FREAK and join steemit JUSt to better organize all thir coins in ONE place thats EASY to login to!

I Doubt that even his Instagram account his managed by him, he must have a Social Media Specialist managing his social media accounts for sure.

Problem is though, that if the "marketing machines" would join us, Steemit would become more like Instagram. And i don't like that.

Good idea to bring him to Steemit!!!

Won't be able to see after Mcgregor is done with him, does Steemit support braille?

McGregor doesn't stand a chance if it is just a boxing match. I think McGregor has to make it a brawl, if he wants to win. I will not be surprised if it is a boring fight. Mayweather takes world class fighters and make the seem like journeymen.

Floyd shows class. His fighting is an art form and when he dodges and runs around and lands punches with such accuracy is why he is the best in the world. McGregor has no chance. Floyd has been boxing for the majority of his entire life. His entire family is in boxing. Floyd is going to win and all the hype to raise bets against him is a way for the casino's to make money.

Boxing is a rigged sport. Just look how Manny Paqau recently lost after he plummeted that New Zealander. I say..McGregor will win by a technical score count. After all, Mayweather knows he is finished with the sport. Time to move on

Manny got ruffed up by the young guy. I thought the fight was close. The guy fought a dirty fight. He was constantly throwing elbows.

McGregor has a punchers chance. If he can do what no one else has done, which is land a knockout shot on Mayweather (a dubious chance but you have to add in Mayweather's age) then he might pull it off. Most likley, Mayweather's defense is too great, so he'll win by decision.

PS always be weary when celebrities, especially ones that can't manage their own finances, start promoting altcoins. Similar to pumping internet stocks in the 90s/2000s. Run the other way

Also, check out my recent article on Bitcoin and McGregor!

Ha. Funny. I like Mr. Fuji to retain the title. Classic heel wwf style

upvoted u just for ur username. Fractals are a great way to undertand how we must decentralize everything and convert everything to blocchains, not just money but schools offices hospitals and workplaces and companies and the whole economy on a boclchain, even romanbcxe like cheaters should be registered so u can do a background check for romance and see if theyve been reported for possible infiedliety in a relationship lol maybe thats going too far

Instant whale!

Clearly they are just paying him for the promo. Guy has no idea what it is.

He is probably as good a marketeer as he is a boxer.


Oh wow, I can't believe not a single person in the comments mentioned anything negative about Stox. I remember seeing this on twitter about 30 minutes after Mayweather posted and within TWO MINUTES I found out Stox is run by some shady folks. PLEASE please please DYOR research people, don't just give these fools your money!!!

yeah sad that mayweather is going to loose all that cash LOL he should just invest his money into straight up bitcoin
Its funny seeing these multi millionaires wanting to become multi BILLIONAIRES and its the same thing as people who have just a few thousand dollars wanting to become millionaires, (and thats the same as someone with just a few dollars wanting a few thousand dollars)

But the idea that a millionaire is not content is so funny, and i dont blame them, its just cool to see that even when you have millions you still have this drive to get to the billion dollar level so you dont have to just rent a private jet you can OWN one, so you can OWN a massive yacht and not just party on one, so you can actually own whole basketball teams etc, and if floyd maywather ends up turning millions into billions with an ICO he will nd up

We should all be buying boat loads of EOS while its still $1 and understand that it will be worth $100 to $1000 next year the same way ethereum was just $1 the beginning of this year and eventualy hit $300 to $400 well EOS will be just ike that! And we should just know that anyone with $1000 can bcome a millionaire in the ICo game...and the same will happen with altcoins AND bitcoin AND steem just over the course of a longer period of time...but with ICOs you can really make alot of money ALL based on Hype! its sad but its funny how peopel are iek sheep with their gotta study this world and follow it for a while and then you can begin to understand what the best things to invest in really are...i just know EOS will be that big game changer for all of us! So dont be lame and just have like 1 EOS laying around so u turn $1 into $200 hen EOS hits $200 next year, no make sure you have at least 100 EOS so you end up with tens of thousands of dollars

and just keep saving up so you can participate in EOS ico i mean theres still plenty of time! its a good thing you waited everyone! EOS is cheaper now that when it first came out it ent to like $5 now its $1.77 so get as much as you can!

Thanks God, Steemit is not like Twitter where celebrities get extra advantage of making fans within no time, also they can spend a lot of money on promoted tweets because they can. But if celebrities move to this platform, we'll be seeing their posts at the top under Trending, Hot and Promoted categories because people do blind following when it comes to celebrities. Thoughts?

It's how the world works, buddy...

@velimir hahaha your absolutely right. Just the way it is.

Yup... sheeps will always be sheeps. With no offence to anyone. But if you support somebody even in bad things without knowing nothing and continuously, then it is a problem.
He is not your relative to do anything for him, but you do... Eh, as @velimir said, this is the way our world works.

Whatever lets help each other by following

Thank you for linking to my Reddit post!

It is extremely important for potential investors to have all the possible information before deciding whether to invest or not.

As i say in that post, i don't think Bancor is a bad company or that their protocol is useless, far from it, i also don't think Stox is a scam per se, but i personally am not going to invest in it giving its team history.

what about the team histroy??

Get ready for more ETH price dumps as another ICO taking in millions will be dumping ETH immediately afterwards. I don't get why everyone is still putting all their token releases on ETH. ETH's performance and security are a disaster. Add to this all the ICO pump and dumps and I would be running away from this platform as fast as I could as a new ICO. This is also why EOS is going to kick ETH's ass to the curb in about 6 months.

Hum.... today ETH price is growing 10%. I think this means that the market predicts that tomorrow it is not going to fall. (my opinion)

and thats how you win a debate!

And since yesterday, +2%

Let's concentrate on steemit, instead! Talk to myself ,too.

exactly! Steemit just needs more marketing and new users! people also need ability to customize our feed and the background and change to black backgroudn with white next like a night mode and we need full customzablilty of our own sub steemits liek sub reddits and we need bitcoina nd ethereum and altcpins in the steemit walet, like openledger integration, and we could totally begin to apeal to the masses and we will be the next "snapchat" for all the morons out there who really dont get what an app even is haha they will be ESMERIZED by the flashy new steemit ap p whenever it comes out! we can even do a cpoinbase type deal with the private keys and have a service that stores the private keys for the big mainstream app version of the steepshot app if it were actualy easy to use, but people see the need to scan some barcode and they are we need a SIMPLE to use app where people can INSTANTLY create a steemit account and begin posting...saldy there is some terrible road bock barreir noone is ever discussing as to why thre is some massive waiting list woith steemit...when i signe dup in march it was instant i signed up got mypassword and i was able to start posting and then we got the waiting list...and i KNEW it was going to fuck things up....

the waiting list has hurt us SO much we could probobly have 2 million users by now without that delay....its a HUGE roadblock...and the whole phone verification doesnt do shit people get around thats o fast and create so many fake accounts its so easy, one girl admitted to making liek 17 accounts to abuse some minnow boosting service...

we need new users to be able to signup and start ppostoing WITHOUT delay! maybe like a 20 min delay MAX and it can be like in an app where it shows you a 20 min video about steemit while u wat for them to verify your account! we can even hirepeople to do 24/7 account verirfiation for new users so we can oinbaord ALOt of new users snapchat style...u realize how many users we could have if we ditched the esteem app and made a LEGIT steemit app that was ALL about how much money can you make like with hints on how tio post cool photos of your garden or birds or plants or trees or cool settings and local stuff or like hints at how to post a good introduction post, and like a daily counter showing how much money u make,a and althe posts go on steem blockchain and show up on steemit, buyt e could realy make it SO easy ANYONE could use it because thats the only reason people use those facebook and snapchat app,s theyre super easy to use...we need steemit app where it stores the WIF online in some database coinbase style, but where they can request to keep it themselves etc etc, maybe not necisary but we should make it SUPER easy to use steemit with an ap not liek esteem but like a snapchat type ease of use system, where its SOOOO easy and made to be liek a fun game where u post stuf to earn money !

Yeah and theres plenty of prediction blockcghains out thre, and their fiull of joke pepe predictions look at Augur, its not seriou at all, and it doesnt even realy work does it? how many things has it predicted accurately LOL

but whatr does seem cool are those systems that let you show off what investment choices you made that were good choices, and allows everyone to follow your decisions

nice thanks for the info

On this social media platform you really need to be more unique with your comments. Thanks

The numbers are scum. lol

Best comment

Each ICO is a form of inflation by diluting the number of people in the dollars people invest over 10 or 15 or 20 or 100 different digital currency's. @briandenver steemit is based on a social media platform with 1 million daily users. Think how much money this thing will be worth when there's ads that run on your articles. Why would people bother with Facebook.

Someone posted that Floyd Mayweather can't read, I guess you can afford to hire someonedid you that for him. I need to hire someone to help me set up a bit coin wallet.

EXACTLY the ads in steemit will be INTERNAL like people will put their OWN ads in their posts! youre right!

haha and remember the days when a website had to use ads to pay for its own hosting? hahaha

What happens when these articles show up on a Google search? They may show up on the top because of the interaction of the unique users.

Just resteem this one, did some up voting and made one hell of a great comment. Follow if you'd like to have comments on your articles.

What would happen to the price a bitcoin if Floyd Mayweather purchased $1 million worth? @briandenver Maybe would be better to have Connor McGregor as bitcoins new spokesperson.

Coingy is the platform I use for charting. But i only trade with what matters and where the volume is. GDAX!

If he is money, he seems to sell his soul.

Are users all gamblers? Where exactly do the critical mass of users come from?

Floyd money magnet on steemit please! :D

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I'm not sure Mayerather pumping up Ethereum is a good thing. I'm just saying the guy has a terrible history with money. If this idiot is getting into Ethereum then you gotta ask yourself has Ethereum jumped the shark?

Surely its an event and he did mention STOX now just ETH unlike.. some pr0n star ;)

Hey @kingscrown I have something you will find interesting. Can increase Litecoin wallet. Lets chat on steemit chat

This guy is causing a price spike rn. Profit time!

Very valid point

Another power powerful post @kingscrown. You really can come up with some great post. Stox, i really wonder if i can get in on this cake. Seems like a very exciting party and i fell like i want to attend. Thanks for all the info

I do not like photographs that look at the money in a suitcase, because it is not good to show it, and it can invite thieves or criminals. Although he gets the money in a lawful way.

Sorry for my displeasure




I like to see in terms of success in getting, But I do not see in showing the wealth that has been earned, I think too much to see the arrogance of the wealth that has been earnedsorry for my criticism





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Thank you

Wow, is this legit?

Another betting ICO, this market seems to me to be overcrowded!

Not overcrowded comparing with the stock market... I think we will see a lot more a loooot more ICO's

Still, the stock markets are more fun to trade than crypto markets

Hum... you know... I'm swapping!

Yeah looks like they basically stole the idea and color scheme from Auger and just put a different logo on it. lol Still it will do well in the beginning simply because Mayweather is associated. These prediction markets may be fun to play with and provide a way for some lucky people to make money within the platform but I don't think the coins are a good long term investment when compared to some of the others, at least until there are some well defined market makers. I could see this becoming like online casinos that pop in and out of existence all the time. I really like the idea of this technology but there's nothing to prevent or deter any number of copy cats from entering the space. Next thing we'll probably see is a prediction market aggregator that will combine statistics from sites like this, Auger and Knosis.

Nowadays with everything becoming open source, I bet many are just copying the codes from others, make slight changes to the UI and hey presto a money making ICO scheme!

I am done with all these ICOs .... Good luck !

Just check ICO

thats great ty @joewing I am investing heavily into it


Thx for sharing

all the tokens promising sky - hmm
Floyd can bring attention for sure but still tokens have to deliver - will they?

I had no idea that he was into cryptocurrency. Great post @kingscrown

Too bad I can't participate being in the land of the free.

Probably no the best week to go live with this project.

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I really don't get the hype about prediction markets: Sure it can be a game changer in the future but for now it is basically worthless and easily replaceable. Please someone tell me what makes it valuable :)

Predicting or gambling will probably do well financially since it's mostly an irrational crowd.

This will great start.

That's very interesting friend.

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We'll see if he's right soon enough!

Why can't you be from the USA? I don't get that point,

Due to the SEC's ruling that coins are securities, maybe. Still doesn't make sense to me though, because a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts live in the US, and banning them shrinks your market a lot....

Thanks for the info. I have purchased some of that cryptocurrency so it makes me wonder if I should change to another.

Just enter the ICO with bitcoins and not with you USD bank account. That is what I do to avoid fines.

Many coins are started off shore and the US will not allow people to

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Floyd needs good investment because he will have hard time on 26.8 ;) Go Connor!

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I learnt about EOS the other day and STX Token today, so thank you for bringing this to our attention. I did hear something on the news about Money Mayweather getting behind a crypto currency. Super interesting and a great post. :-)

Thanks for sharing! Reblogged and Followed!

Gonna STOX up on this

Thank you for the info, i will for sure keep an eye out for this ICO.

He is not a good endorser though + EOS coming into the game and threating ethereum to be obsolete soon. EOS vs Ether.

By popularity its ether but we can never tell who will become obsolete in the future. Some prediction from ethereum believer says that ether price can go up to 400$ after Aug 1.

intersting friend

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Very informative post i also followed you to stay up to date with this new idea , thanks for the share

Floyd Mayweather, that will be a great whale on Ethereum. The price will push up, if so then.

what lots of casual boxing fans don't know is Floyd has always put business first boxing legacy second. I remember him ducking fighters that where in their primes so he could keep his undefeated streak going. He was supposed to fight cotto in his prime and what happened?? Cotto fights the most feared man in boxing which was Antonio margarito and gets knocked out. After that beating that margarito put on cotto Floyd fought cotto and beat him in a competitive 12 round decision. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, FLOYD IS SMART.

Gold and Silver are getting destroyed by #BitcoinCurrency alone, taking advantage investing in Ethereum is "key" to embark into now. Waiting 5 - 10 years down the road may make it more difficult for those who might want to "bank interest" on it. Ethereum is getting more value power by the minute, this is attracting more potential investors.

Crypto getting some love...

Great post @kingscrown... I really like to read your post. Your posts are very useful. You are a great steemian. I am glad to meet you. I hope, to be successful in steemit like you. Please help me give me input to be successful like you. Follow @nonasweety.

How people can trust them?

I bet,many company will join "Steemit" for advertisement and promotion. And all steemians will earn more steem dollar in future. Soon or later steemit will work like a youtube . And many celeb will also join steemit , because steemit is blogging site like FB but steemit have advantage . It gives us money for every upvote an d comments . So, celeb can use it as a blogging , promotion etc. and with all of that they'll also make money .

and i'm sorry for my english (o) hehehe

Problem is this is again one coin that benefits a single company... And again a platform to use its own coin, this will not work... people need a betting platform with one of the big cryptos like bitcoin and ethereum.... But even more promising : iota, no fees and much faster transactions etc. But this stox coin, who wants to get another weird coin just for betting if there is many ohers out there who actualy will continue rising in price, stox is will be another pump and dump.

How likely is ethereum going to rise up ?

money makes money;)

Will buy, if McGregor beats mayweather :D

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