EtherParty ICO Begins October 1st & How to Get a 35% Bonus in Pre-Sale ..

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What is EtherParty

A group of blockchain experts and business professionals, the VANBEX Group, based in British Columbia Canada - these folks have received substantial investment in the project and have been in development for 2 years or more. What they are developing is a platform that provides to non-programmers the ability to write and deploy smart contracts, through the use of wizards and templates. They have recently partnered with Rootstock (RSK), to provide the same capability on the Bitcoin blockchain as well as on Ethereum

This is very exciting and potentially massive folks .. there may be no need for entirely new blockchains designed to provide extreme capabilities to massive enterprise may still be needed, but for the masses this is not the case - average folk need simple, quick and bulletproof. ..

I have invested 3.13 Ethereum in the EtherParty ICO Pre-Sale ..

For this investment I will receive 12 150 FUEL on October 31st ..

I am readying another 3 ETH to invest in the Pre-Sale, and I believe you should as well! The ICO officially begins on October 1st and runs for the month of October - the first stage will reward 3000 FUEL per ETH - but during the Pre-Sale, using a special link provided to interested parties, from specific individuals in the EtherParty Telegram Chat, with a 3 ETH min investment you will receive a 35% bonus.

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Thanks for taking time to give me a read!
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Wow. This project looks promising. I bet i got to read its white papers and do little research before i get in. But it seems its going to be massive.

Wow this is interesting! 3000 Tokens for 1 ETH, that's great! I will be in! Thank you very much for sharing such useful information with us!


Very interesting post and great project sir. 100% like and resteem.
@kurtbeil have great day.

Its very useful information & update. this post is valuable.


@kurtbeil - Very interesting news Sir. The project looks promising. I hope to give a try Sir. Love your work Sir. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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can we participate with .5 ether

wow this is a great update thanks a to for telling about this.

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35% bonus on ICO. excellent news & hope to be there with 5 ETH. useful info @kurtbeil

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Thanks for share

Here's a step by step guide to setting up a wallet and buying Etherparty tokens: