Everything Is Down! / Ethereum Classic Survives / Numerai Halves (Market Roundup 26 Jun 2017)

in #ethereum6 years ago

It's red almost all the way down the top 30 day with a couple of survivors.

Bitcoin also recovers it's market share back up to 41.1%, most likely in line with adoption of Segwit2x.

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Hey Chris! I finally joined Steemit to blog about photography! So moving forward I will be leaving my comments and feedback here. Thanks for the detailed technical analysis. I have learned a lot just by watching your videos. And by the way, I got the book you recommended for trading. Will start reading it soon. Have a great week!

Just keep in mind, wise people told there are the biggest opportunitys, if there is blood in the streets ;) I guess we will see market dropping the next day, too. Think it's way of a needed correction.

Stay Steemit and have success ;)

In an unexpected turn of events Ethereum Classic is also down.

Crazy risk involved in the crypto-currencies. The trick is not to be too heavily invested in them.

short term YES definitely big risks!. Long term its probably the best investment this side of the milky way

Not at all i think, it's just about understand how exited and feared people work. For the future there will be much potential for crypto currency at all.

But to make sure, youre right aswell. At the moment its some risky and speculative adventure

The best practice I think, is to save in Cryptos instead of saving in Banks. Also for saving, try to stick with the TOP 20.

What is crazy is the stock market and paper assets. You are not in Kansas anymore.

Your carzy. Pick good projects and it will go ok. Other wise go back to trusting the banks and they will pay u 1% a year on your money

There are a million reasons why you did the right thing. Avoid delusion at all costs. 3 months ago all of the news regarding ethereum was positive. At this point crypto and ethereum have an uphill climb over the next 6 months and investors know it. Most of the clowns on these boards invest peanuts compared to the billions in the market, and real speculative investors don't want to stick around with the specter of a bitcoin fork and the uncertainty of PoS

Let the blood run!! Soon be a good time to buy any thing and ever thing :) ...... except ripple wtf knows whats going on there

Or, 'crypto is on sale' :)