CraftInk Pack Opening & Christmas Party today! 🎄

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Hey guys! 😊

How are you doing?

I had a very tough week. Stresslevel at work is exploding before christmas. Every year it´s the same stupid shit. 😂 And my dad came to the hospital and we don´t know when he will be out again.
So this week is not fun, and my mental state not the best. That´s why I didn´t post anything during the last week.

But I still decided to do a little pre-Christmas event today. 🎄

CraftInk AMA & Pack Opening

In the PIZZA Discord

In the Voice Channel The Venue
Chatting will take place in #events

Saturday, 16th of December

5pm CET (4pm UTC)

Event link:

I hope to see you guys there!

All the cards in the CraftInk packs will be given away to the attendants of the event of course.
Apart from this. there will be some more giveaways. 😊

Have a great weekend!!




Last round of collecting donations for the Hive PIZZA Halloween participants!! 🖤

Our stress levels are also far too high. Christmas is already 8 days away but it still doesn't feel good at all.
I hope that your father gets better quickly and that you can celebrate Christmas together.
Two years ago, my mother was in hospital at Christmas. That wasn't nice.

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I just checked and it will be 12 midnight where I am from😩


I pray that the stress level will decrease and your father will soon get recovery.

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Hugs Never feel guilty about not doing something when it all gets too stressful. It's your brain's way of telling you that you have enough to deal with.

But I really hope you can find some time to chill out over Christmas and have some fun, visit your father (I hope he's okay !) and generally get life back under control again.

And if you can't immediately get de-stressed, make some music ! It's weird, but my outlet is writing, and I reckon I do my best (and most dark and twisted) work when my mental state is messed up 😀

Sorry about your mental state
I wish you get healed fast…

thanks for the great party today 😊

Ah, so sad to hear that.
Wishing you a best of luck for the coming days raven.

I totally enjoyed the party. Great to hang out together. Apologies for coming in late.



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I am sorry for the time you are going through and hope your father can recover soon!
A big hug

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