Why the evolution theory cannot account for the EXISTENCE of life

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Yes, many believe that they know how we humans came to existence. There was once a cell and through a process called ‘mitosis’ duplicated into multiple cells. Eventually forming an actual breathing creature, that somehow had an identical counterpart, maybe also through the same process as the first living cell that went into mitosis. They made babies and those babies made babies, some died, because survival of the fittest and therefore the best genes were the only genes that were carried over from generation to generation.

This does sound convincing, and yes, the evolution theory does hold if certain criteria is met. However, the theory does not state how life actually came to existence. It says, for the theory to hold, that there should be:
Variation. Each individual in the population is unique, even when the difference is miniscule. No one is exactly like you and there will never be someone exactly like you.
Heritability. These variations must be able to be inherited by offspring.
Super Fecundity. This is the tendency of the organism to produce more offspring than can possibly survive. Every organism strives to pass its genes on. The more offspring one has, the greater the probability of surviving of the organism, and therefore the survival of the genepool.
No accidental mortality. The reason why an organism dies, is very important. One individual dies because it didn’t have the advantages that the surviving ones did have. These advantages are then able to be passed on.
Long story short, Evolution can only occur when multiple organisms are already in play. How they came about is a whole other story. To use something and not know what you are using, is really uncalled for. Especially the consequences. Many Universities that stimulate critical thinking, are also the ones that believe that the evolution theory is a way to abrogate other alternatives as an explanation for the existence of life. By using the word ‘alternative’, I somehow acknowledge the evolution theory as an option, however, that is not the case.

Another very interesting subject that naturally flows from this article is whether we’re really relatives of the chimpanzees and the bonobos with our DNA being 98% the same, or that’s we are told. We also share 50% with the banana. Maybe for another time, who knows.

Naichigeru Hano