Arsenic Lullaby - Mercy Sparx alternative cover sneak peak- EXCLUSIVE

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I've been a busy fellow lately, and had to stop badgering the publishers of Casper to draw up a cover of a book that's, shall we say "more in my wheelhouse"...Mercy Sparx!


Mercy Sparx is published by Devil's Due , they asked for me to draw up an alternative cover for the to make or issue no 13!

All thier info is here!

It'll be early next month before you can harass you comic book store to order it, so you can sign up for there' email updates. or mine

or stay tuned here and I'll be sure to let you know.

ANYWAYS...I planned on getting someone over with an HD camera to record some inking, but that didn't pan out. I have some crappy video from my own camera, I'll show you that later. I THOUGHT I had taken more progress shots but they seem to not be on my camera. Maybe I dreamed doing it? I'll show you what I do have, and the finished inks, and this will be a steemit exclusive! as no one else has seen this yet but me, Devil's Due, the distributor...and I think that's everybody.

First a shot of the pencils ( mostly)


Then onto inking short lines that don't really need much precision and wont matter is a line goes off track a little ( If I f*ck up a part of some fire, who's gonna know?)

And pay attention to how clean that paper is at the start, you'll be able to tell my frustration level with the inking process by contrasting it to the final shot.




and...that seems to be all the actual progress shot I have...

BUT, I'll show you how to draw circles in perspective. We'll use her pick up trucks KC lights as an example.


First, you make a box ( top and bottom lines are from your vanishing point, lines on the side are just perpindicular to the ground


Then you draw lines from corner to corner to find the middle/center of it


You make a line through the center from the top and from the side


and that gives you the anchor points. You just draw a curve from one point to another four times and there you have a circle in 2 point perspective.




Panning out now so you can see the smudges and marks where I wiped off the brush...that's how tings went. It was really dry here and anytime your under 30% humidity, inking is a real nightmare. The brush does''t want to flex, the paper doesn't want to take ink, the ink either attaches itself to your brush in one giant glob or dries up sucks. But...I'd say, frustration aside this turned out pretty nice. I am pleased.


Next time. a one page Casper Comic...sort of...

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It looks like a lot of frustration went into this piece but at the end it does look amazing so it was worth it! I didn't know that inking is so affected by humidity - good to know..

Congratulations on getting it published! What an amazing achievement!

I like the winner look in her face :) She looks so happy with herself! Well done for catching an angel :)

Love the detail, inking is great! A lovely illustration to look at :)

Thank you for sharing! Have a nice day!

Thanks, I was concerned about getting the look on her face right. That kinda thing is hit of miss, not like a circle where you can measure it out and it is what it is. You can measure a face...but the expression is more an intangible thing. anyhoo, thanks and I'll show you the color version when it gets closer to publishing #comics

that is a amazing art such a difficult skill. i will try but i never reached on this stage. i hope in other word you are talented and you have some GOD gifted things.

Is he the one who did this to me? Gave me a gift that makes me a nervious wreck over inking a chain properly?...we'll have words about it when I die. #comics

Woow nice artwork👍👏

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That's some damn fine #comics there. Your attention to detail pays off

Thanks...I hope they do, I tell myself they do. #comics

I never realize how much work it really is to make a drawing like that professionally. Thanks for letting us know how you work! The story it tells is great as well :)

Thank you, glad you found it interesting! I am guilty of a bit to much precision at times. Like I could have measured out one light and eyeballed the other two...but better safe than sorry.
#comics I thought her grappling hook/bear traps were a cool idea ( that's Josh's writing) and went with that as the visual focus.

Hello fine #comic artist . May I draw ;-) your attention to this young lady who is creating a colouring book for her kids charity. She just needs a couple of simple line arts if you could possibly find it in your heart to help.
Thanks :-)

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then I think the frustration was very well reflected in this piece. It looks incredible. I like the details, like the angel that is in the back may be dead or alive and try to flee. We will not know that. Great job friend, I loved it. thanks for sharing the exclusive on steemit.

oh! That's a good point...what is going on with the angel in the back? In my mind he's knocked out and limp, but maybe he's crawling out or trying to? Only to get clubbed over the head by a bottle of booze #comics

Maybe that's why the demon has the bottle in her hand. she enjoys the last drop to then take advantage of the empty bottle. she does not waste anything

haha! could be!

The details are so specific the smetch looks so realistic.

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Thanks! I do my best.


Honestly! The struggle of just getting a stupid shape right, especially for panned out and perspective drawings. Anywho, I just adore (the religious kind... just kids :p) this drawing. From the forefront of traps (looks like bear traps), the midground of our two important types of characters (angelic and dæmonic characters) and to the background of forest greenscape and hunted angels. Dunno, feels like a post-2nd coming of X (Christ) World; this being one of the humiliations of an apocalypitic/post-apocalyptic World.

Anyways, yah did good on the plannintg and the mathematizing of things all about. Even to go as far as to explain how yah just did things and being that just that extra. Love it when artists just do that, feels nice to give recognition of what we do even though we all just do something just different to be distinguishable. Even so, I love the small detail to attention. (That’s ignoring the whole inking and erasure of pencil mark process which that’s a whole other pain; though less annoying to ink but annoying to erase without creating unnecessary smudged.)

So fight against that low humidity areas when it screws makes ink hard to work, keep on drawing, remember to take those progress shots and happy steeming!~

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad it was interesting. Oh yes, erasing is a whole other set of problems!! I have less a problem with smudging as I do with erasing til the ink is so faint it does not scan #comics

Welcome for the comment!~ ^^
Indeed, especially when the pencil marks are actually full of lead and creates a black splurge that you thought ink could only due. It truly is annoying to know you pressed down too hard on an incorrect marking of the pencil and see the part of the page dark to the neat standards of the unaffected parts. In any a case: they really need to make it possible to scan lead as much as it can scan ink. Would really save on costs and allow mutability of the piece on the go instead of having complex layering on layer methods to recreate a piece... and you see where I am going with this. Admittedly, I know not the complete picture, but I know it's a god damn pain to just recreate an entire piece even when you got the grand plans layed out and ready to be copied.

Sup Dork! Enjoy the upvote!!!

I love your crazy art!!! It is Alamazing and I love artistic step by step post about drawing. Can I suggest you something?
Next March 3rd will be my First Steem Birthday and I will make a contest with all the artists who made a my portrait during the first year and I would like to see yours about me!!!
I know it would not be and usual portrait and this is the reason I ask you to draw it. In this way I will add it in the contest.
Tell me what is your opinion!😉👍

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Great piece of transition in there. I really enjoyed the comic plus the photos were superb. You are really worth every piece you put in there. Great work and keep up your comic spirit high

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Thank you! I do my best! #comics

You are humbly welcome

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Wow such an amazing page. Must have taken you a while to complete. So many details! I love that there is a second angel in the trunk. Bad assss! ;-)

Thanks! It took about 15-20 hours total. A lot of that was the chains.

Cool illustration.
Even though it looks more cartoonish than other illustrations of Mercy Sparx, the message in the image is quite diabolic.
It is kind of "realistic", I would say, in the sense that it shows what the real state of affairs among angelic entities must be like.

Glad you like it, and yeah...The theme and the style are a bit at odds, haha.