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As some of you may know already, I've been trying lately to reach out to few developers creating their dapps, games or other useful tools on both STEEM and HIVE blockchain. My goal is to build some partnerships with coders and developers behind those projects, hoping that we can find ways of collaborating and helping each other.

For past several days I had pleasure to discuss my vision with @elindos - very kind and polite programmer behind eXode Game.

I took an opportunity and explained what Project.hope is about and I've shared with him some basic informations about our community, our goals and vision. Today, I've managed to encourage him to publish his first article within PH and my goal would be simple: to encourage you all, to invest several minutes of your time and do few things as follow:

  1. visit @elindos and follow his account
  2. consider subscribing to EXODE Pilots community

And most of all:

  1. Check out his latest post, read it through and share your feedback. Assuming you have any -> after all, 1 sentence comment like "It looks like solid game" doesn't really have much value :)

You can find link to his publication here:


I can only hope, that our community can help bring more value into HIVE blockchain. And I want us to achieve it by helping solid developers by promoting their products.

I would naturally also appreciate every resteem of his publications (do not resteem this post by @coach.piotr).



Nice to hear about the collaboration with the Exode game. Hive blockchain has so much potential that it can be used as a blogging platform as well as a gaming platform. I'm sure by the end of 2021, there would be lots of games on top of Hive and Hive Engine. I recently started playing Holybread and Rising Star and Rising Star has been my favorite in the last one week.

Exode is on my list to explore. I will soon start Playing the Exode game. Thanks for the heads up. Cheers!

Read, upvoted. Will proceed to check on his post.

First of all, I will like to salute your efforts in the blockchain. No doubt, this collaboration with eXode will lead to more adoption and more user base within the community.
You have our supports. Nice one and cheers

This should be a beneficial partnership for both parties. I think I've played or still play all the games on the hive blockchain except exode. This is definitely going to push me to go play it.
Welcome to PH @elindos, you'll definitely love this warm community.

I think this will be good for ph game lover people.. I am in.

We need something on this level. While I have yet to succeed in getting a starter pack and while I wished the game had a freeverse with buy pack options, it is a step in the right direction. Thanks Peter. Let me know how else I can help out in diversifying PH.

Greetings dear friends @crypto.piotr and @elindos.

On one occasion I said that I am not a fan of games however, our collaboration with the Holybread team was quite pleasant, I hope that this time it is too.

In this, you are not asking us to participate by playing or "testing" the game, but if necessary, you (@elindos and team) can count on me to do it.


I have heard about the game and it looks great! Pretty impressive.
I don't have a lot of time to play games right now, but I will check it out when I have more time!!!

Very well dear @ crypto.piotr, I will go through the publication of @elindos I take the opportunity to thank you for your excellent work, i am a gamer too so this it's exiting for me

This new partnership with exode to contribute to the development of hive is a great idea, it has my support. Greetings

The collaboration is a huge one,it is definitely going to favour both parties, I love the explicit explanation of the game and the way the game has been designed in a way to bring back history and fun surely looks really promising.

I will do as you instructed, thanks for all you do for Hive blockchain and projecthope

Hi @crypto.piotr
I have checked out the post about the exode game and it looks nice to me. Thanks for sharing the link. have a great weekend.

My goal is to build some partnerships with coders and developers behind those projects

Greetings dearest friend. You have better goals for improve PH community. I believe this new association bring us successful level in Blockchain. I'll check him out very soon.

Greetings friend @crypto.piotr, I think an excellent idea the association with exode to contribute to the development of Hive I think it will attract many more users has my support.

Well, I hope Exode has a compelling story and interesting characters like those in monster hit sci-fi games like Mass Effect and Halo. It needs the 2 ingredients to draw in mass audiences.

Greetings @crypto.piotr, I find an excellent initiative to help the platform, although currently I do not engage in any type of games, I have observed that they are a great attraction on the platform there have the case of Splinterlands an excellent game that has attracted many users to hive.

I think it is a great initiative and I hope it will be successful and attract many users, see you later and success in their work! 🤝

I have to say, this is really good... There is a lot of great things that can come with amazing partnership which makes it a very good step to take. The more healthy cooperation, the better it will be for the communities involved. For me, this is great news...

It's great to see that ProjectHope is doing those partnerships. The more the merrier I say 😉

Excellent initiative and strategy, ready to go.

Wow I really admire your good work @coach.piotr with the way you always make everything work out. This is really the first time hearing a game like this also exist on the blockchain. I really love this collaboration and looking forward to see more possibilities

It's really great to have great developers like @ellindos building game on this great blockchain and I'm very enthusiastic and optimistic that @project.hope will definitely promote and support this great project.

Thank You once again for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕❤️

It is nice to see this, he is great in developing. I have saw one time that eXode Game, but I was not in condition to play.

I like the game concept. I don't get time to play games but many community members may be seriously interested. Collaboration with such projects is beneficial for both parties.

It is great to notice progress made in our community all the time that is one thing Evey business needs to look out for but personally, I am not good with games at all I really suck at it.

The videos are very professional and interesting. Make you feel like playing. Partnerships are good.

I'm not a fan of games but if it's easy and fun it might cheer me up. There is always a first time.

Obviously partnership brings success and people's goals are met. I'm not much of a gamer but then assuming the partnership shares somewhat of a common ground then I basically think we're good to go. It's a good one and hopefully we'll see how it goes. Hopefully this can escalate. I'll check out the game.

Dear Piotr this is good news indeed . If we can help good projects with hard working people behind them it can be good for both sides. Looking at the game and the team I feel that it is a solid project and should be a solid project in the future.

I am really glad to hear about this and that the projecthope is spreading around including partnership with game developers I must confess. The community is growing and this types of development is what we need.

The strength of any community is in their cooperation to work out things in unity which the projecthope community is demonstrating

Great initiative!

as a game lover it makes me very happy knowing that there is an interesting option and for sure I'll go look at the posts of @elindos and everything related to the subject.

It is nice to know that new partners are being created and that let's grow up together, congratulations!

I'm happy to hear about this new partnership with @elindos. I hope it heralds an era of greatness for PH.

this is impressive move from you peter. I am going to follow these simple steps thanks.

Hi friend, I read that publication a few days ago, quite detailed.

This is great Piotr and I have gone through the post by elindos. Thanks for sharing

Great initiative @coach.piotr. You people are making Hive platform wonderful by developing Dapps and games on this blockchain, it will help to grow this platform by attracting new users.
I shall check it out @elindos account to appreciate his work.

Without much word, I am really impressed by such a good move by you @coach.piotr. I have seen that you love support anything that adds value to blockchain. This is wonderful of you.

I have not checked on him, I will doing that and get to have understanding on the game he is trying to develop.

Thanks once again for your effprt trying to support different dapps in the blockchain.

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I'll check that out :D

The videos are very professional and interesting. Make you feel like playing. Partnerships are good.