eXode Game Giveaway!

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Greetings Captains!

The long awaited blockchain game eXode has made some major advancements recently and is gearing up for release of colonization. To help you Captains Prepare I am giving away and Epic Card! Space is a dangerous place, science will be the key to your survival on uncharted worlds so this armor set I am giving away will prove to be nost useful in your colonization endeavours!

I have launched a few evacuations recently and am really excited to see this game in full operational status in he near future.

This post will be short and sweet so lets get down to the giveaway!


Rules to enter:

  1. Upvote this Post (any %)
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Use my invitation link here. (If you are new to eXode)
  4. Comment below.

The winner will be announced after the duration of the post.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter for more giveaways!


I hope Exode will be as big as Splinterlands.
I don't have that card so it might be useful for a cold planet.

With a UI update and streamlining the process, I bet that it could!

Excited to see more players come to EXODE!

As always, looking forward to the next content drop!

I'm new to Exode. It is awesome and impressively tense. Gotta keep a cool head during those evacs ....


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Reblogged! But if I am picked... reroll of course! but do tell me, that will give a smile :D

Hearted, retweeted, and reblogged so that our referral family might grow even larger!

Upvoted, reblogged and commented!

Upvoted and reblogged, I dont notmailly reblog but it's great to see more giveaways in the scene. I'll be sure to enter each week but won't always be able to reblog. I'll always upvoite at 100% and hope you enter me in, thanks for the understanding.

Upvote this Post (100 %) done

Reblog this post done

Use my invitation link here. (If you are new to eXode) - I am not new

Comment below. done

I hope to win.

Thanks for organizing this, reblogged and upvoted. I already got an account: cryptoph0823