F1 Delta Time & REVV Ecosystem thoroughly examined

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Few days ago I have published a quick introduction to the F1 Delta Time game and NFT collectibles on ETH blockchain and provided details about the auctions of most valuable NFTs and just a glance on the gameplay. If you've missed that post, head over the [introduction](https://peakd.com/hive-140217/@svemirac/f1-delta-time-blockchain-gaming-taken-to-another-level-part-i) of this epic journey.


I'll try to be as concise as possible and provide some valuable information as we go. So in the introduction you've seen that everything in the game is using REVV as the currency; and you can swap ETH to REVV on revvmotorsport, which is basically uniswap, or use one of the exchanges like kucoin, bithumb, hotbit or billaxy for either REVV/USDT, REVV/ETH or REVV/BTC pairs.

Once you get some REVV tokens we can start checking up what is going on around the website and actually in the game. Of course in order to play you need to acquire some essential NFTs (CAR/DRIVER/TYRES) or add some other parts to it. More of that later on, lets navigate through the site.

So if you head to the main page you'll see navigation bar bellow containing: Official F1 logo, Garage, Workshop, Staking, Time Trial, Elite, Track, Grand Prix. and below that are sections from the latest auction, current rewards and time trial standings. But lets go through them all.



As the name suggests this is where you can see all your collectibles, catalog and sort them out.


I know, I skipped Workshop but that is the next one on the list, for the sake of fluidity of the text. Here you can see all your staked NFTs estimated daily REVV mining and your stake weight vs total weight. It is worth noting that staking is not going constantly but rather have few windows over the year with particular rewards pool. The next one is scheduled to start on January 7 and it is only for collectibles from season 2019. Once you stake your car(only stakable NFT at the moment) you will not be able to use it for racing until you unstake it.
As I mentioned in the introduction the team is revising decisions as the game is being developed and there is a hint that the drivers will be stakable in the future, but what is sure that 2020 F1 Delta time keys and winner's trophies will also be stakable in the future.


Just a mapped out where the unique NFT segments of the tracks are located - so the proud owners can show of a bit. :)


This is where the magic happens, in the workshop you are assembling your cars and drivers.



As you can see on the images above apart from Car/Driver & Tyres (added in additional step just before entering the race) there are additional 8 parts for the car and 4 driver's gear to boost your performances.

The game is tiered and leveled up:
NFTS are divided into 4 rarity groups Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common - and you can combine them all as you can see on my second image. HOWEVER, there is a trick. You need to pair drivers with the proper racing car - if you try to pair Lance Stroll from Racing Point with the Epic McLaren Renault MCL34 in my second team there is an error message preventing you. This is only for licensed drivers and cars (Epic & legendaries - tiers can be mixed as well). And for common drivers & cars you can pair your Carbon/Clover driver with plume or spark car without any problems.


Now once you are satisfied with your build we can finally do some laps, and onto the time trials we go to equip the tyres and race!

Time Trials (TT)

Time trials are a weekly competition where top 10 are rewarded with prizes in REVV depending on the number of tries attempted reward pool varies each week. Here you should find your best setup and run the track of the day. You get one free run every day and then you will have to spend you own tries to do more laps. You can buy extra tries, with 10 REVV per lap regardless of the tier you are competing in. You can compete in multiple tiers (A,B,C,D). The REVV you spend on extra laps are directly influencing the rise of the reward pool.


Again, game is divided into 4 tiers - A / B / C & D with the sole purpose to level out the field and make the game more fair and affordable to new players, and those who are not willing to spend a lot to get legendaries/epic cars/parts.

  • Tier D is the lowest tier and it is limited to 6,000 points in total ( Car+parts / Driver+gear / Tyres).
  • Tier C is the next level and still very easily approached with the cap of 10,000 points.
  • Tier B starts to get serious with the cap of 16,000 points and some high stat parts & cars are needed.
  • Tier A is for legends! In order to participate you need to have at least 16,001 point and there is no upper limit, I've heard rumors that some users are running the setups with 26-27k points.

Check the table below:

D0 - 6,000
C6001 - 10,000
B10,001 - 16,000
A16,001 - Sky is the limit

I think we have some sense of the game now, and we can proceed to equipping tyres and racing.


This is the moment just before the race, we have our car with adequate parts & driver is fully geared and proper tyres are set on (BZZZZZZ BZZZZZ - Obviously not!).
IF you see on the left side of the image today's race is Canadian GP, and the weather is DRY - and I have equipped tyres for heavy rain. Equipping the right tyre is very important as you can lose time because of weather penalties, or gain if you equip the right tyre that would provide the bonus for particular type of track/weather.
When doing Time trials it is important to read the description of every track and set up your car accordingly, in few sentences hints are given to help you build up your ideal setup.

Elite Time Trials (ETT)

Elite TT is almost identical to the regular Time Trials, with few key differences which makes it elitist, such as:

  • Events are specially announced a week or so before, so you can prepare and devote some time.
  • In order to participate you need to stake REVV (which will be retrieved after 14 days - when the event usually ends) according to your tier.
TierMinimum Required staked REVV to participate
  • Rewards are predetermined and there is additional yield on your staked REVV depending on your position (TOP 20 players are getting rewards).
  • In ETT you don't have to buy in laps - your staked revv enables you to run as many laps as you want (completely for free) - This is the best opportunity to tune up your car with the parts you have for particular tracks and take a note of that - remember whatever you do good take a note - also always run few laps with the same setup because luck also plays significant role in lap times (biggest difference with the same setup I had was 0.8sec).
  • Scoring system is similar to the F1 real life depending on where you placed with fixed points instead of your lap times being converted into points.

At the moment we have a great collaboration between F1 Delta Time and ATARI, and to celebrate that reward for this special event is 300,000 ATRI and 2020 keys (ranging from Epic to Commons).

Today on the menu is Australian GP, again dry weather. As you can see I've placed soft tyres they give extra grip, but hard ones give extra speed boost and sacrifice the grip - so you need to figure out what is needed for particular track.
Also take a note that with my common NFTs I am able to pair Tiburon Car with Ray driver.


GP is where you go to race! At the moment we have only one track available and it is Monaco GP. With one weather condition being available for 4 hours, and last hour is overlapping with some other weather (Hot, Dry, Light Rain, Heavy Rain).


In order to participate you need to buy in your entry, but now tiers have different price:

TierREVV price per run

One run means that are doing 3 laps, the best time of the three is taken and if it is improved from the previous run it is shown in the adequate Weather/Tier leaderboard.


There was a first-look from one of the laps in Monaco. However, the team has been teasing last week or two, that new tracks are coming (both for auction and racing). And here is the sneak peek of SPA/SILVERSTONE & MONZA.

This should be the first proper look on the F1 game and the modes we have. If you have any questions regarding anything above - feel free to ask.

I will be writing later on more about season 2020 keys (packs containing nfts) current nfts on opensea (season 2019) - where you can buy it. I am also considering providing some of my keys for HIVE if there are interested people. Opening for the new season keys is scheduled for January 8 (from the presale), the main sale is not announced yet.
I will also do a run or two on my own to se the game up close - and all the struggles with braking zones.

Interested yet?

IF you are and still want to explore more you can head over to the F1 deltatime website, or visit the community made page for latest news and creating a bridge between different games in REVV ecosystem, there are also some guides and more explanation - REVVRACING.

F1 Delta team official youtube - REVV Platform
or join us on discord server https://discord.gg/PeRwhBt2

See you next time.


Staking option sounds cool if you are going be away from the game for a while and want earn some passive Revv or are a long term holder hoping to sell at a higher ROI months or years later items to collectors.

Staking option sounds cool if you are going be away from the game for a while and want earn some passive Revv or are a long term holder hoping to sell at a higher ROI months or years later items to collectors.

Or you have a bunch of cars/nfts that you don't use for racing. :) In my case that one epic car can't be driven cause I don't have a driver from MCL34, so it will go into the staking without any doubt. And yes, mining and holding for higher ROI is definitely a lucrative option.

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