I used to have a Facebook account, but I no longer have one

in #facebook4 years ago (edited)

Believe it or not, and in spite of Facebook’s tremendous global success as a means of online interaction, there are people who have never joined the platform.
Personally, I used to have an active Facebook account, and I used it primarily as a way for logging in other online applications and platforms.
Connections with relatives, friends, etc. came second.
I even managed to indirectly earn some money by using Facebook at some point, as I did online tasks, such as finding relevant keywords through the Adwords keyword tool for an online platform that no more exists since it was acquired by another company.
On top of that, I used my Facebook account to sign in Quirky.com, a social media platform where inventors and influencers can earn royalties once their ideas go into production. I earned very little money from my influence on inventions that were actually produced and sold on the market, although I never managed to reach the payout threshold, due to the fact that my connected Facebook account was deactivated.
This happened when I decided to run Facebook ads and use their free advertising offer to promote a public domain book that I had translated into my language, but for some reason, they decided to close my account, and I never understood why.
So, after that, I gave up Facebook altogether.
I believe that Facebook has become very complicated today, with so many rules and regulations, which was not the case at the very beginning of Facebook’s online presence.
This is not necessarily Facebook’s fault, but rather the result of pressure applied to Facebook by regulators, authorities, individual users, and the public in general. The side effects are that even legitimate users with normal online behavior are badly affected by standard measures that are indifferently applied.
Facebook has become a global social phenomenon that plays an essential part in the lives of virtually billions of users across the world, and this is a fact that cannot be disputed.
Although there may be occasional exceptions of people who never felt the need to join Facebook, the whole thing could be compared with a volcanic eruption that affects, one way or another, at least all those living in close distance to it.
Similarly, no matter how much some people tend to ignore the presence and dimensions of the Facebook phenomenon, nobody can stay truly unaffected by it.


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