Facebook Restricting Access To Accounts

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I am not sure what is happening if anyone can help me with the information required. I made an account on facebook and then I signed up for business.facebook.com. That was a success and this account was meant for a friend of mine, I shared the account with him and the result was that account gets restricted access.

I made another account and this time I put the real info of my friend with real picture and other stuff. But this one got restricted with even sharing with my friend. Facebook is asking for phone number and picture which I provided and now they are taking the time to verify it.

To test this I bought an account from a website which was made in 2017. I opened the account, it was a success again. But after an hour I tried the account again and it was with restricted access asking for a photo in order to be verified by Facebook. I am not sure why Facebook is doing this as we know that there are too many fake accounts on facebook but they are not allowing me to make a fake or even a real one for my friend.

This was done on an experiment basis, using different ways, different IPs, different devices, and different phone numbers. Real and dummy both information was used to make an account which my friend can use but still I see no success on this task and I am not sure what is that I am doing wrong here.


The only thing I can say about Facebook is that for now it is a great news don’t you think...!!!

This is a centralized system and everything is very public...

Don’t worry about that if you can’t use it...

Now you are in an awesome community STEEMIT .. You can’t miss it...!!!!

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It makes me wonder if they have tagged your IP address, or MAC address, and once they see you login to the same account again you are immediately restricted. You can test this by creating a page using a VPN although if they are logging your MAC address this experiment will not work.

Something similar happened to me with the difference that I was using Tor browser.

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Interesting. I set-up a second account some time ago and got blocked imidiately after logging in the second time. I suppose they use all kinds of filters that suck. You know, they make a revenue on people and the more people try to make a revenue on them (fake accounts), they try to "fix" it.

I just hope more people see how facebook is not the only one. More and more good messenger are popular today. Let's change the face of social media and find better revenue streams today.

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It is an infuriating algo. made up by Suckerberg and his latent helpers of censorship. why he feels the need to inhibit the free access and transfer of information is indeed puzzling. He is behaving exactly like our little child prez throwing a tantrum.
Stick with Steemit and be much happier, not to mention less stressed.