That would be great. Forever I hope.

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Possibly a network issue

not a network issue (not on my side)

Maybe its from their server. I had the same issue at about the same time you posted this. Issues like this are very frequent here in Angola and somehow I've gotten used to it since I know that I'm in a third world country; down down the ladder of development.
But whatever the case, I hope it has been settled now.

Please help this Blue Baby Patient, Laine Kharece by upvoting the link below. This is not a scam, we just need your support as part of steemit community. Thank you very much for reading and extending a little help.

Yep for me too.

Stop using Facebook, steemit is my social network

Network down.

it was a real downtime... probably not for all users.
they fixed it after at least 15 minutes.
now STEEM blockchain can compete with better uptimes :-)

oh please please please let it never stop going down.
google, apple, twitter, disney, time warner, comcast, aol too would be a god send-even if the people dont know it, yet.

Oh no, it's working again in my country :(

Oh yes and Instagram as well. First I thought the blocked me because I was active discussing "Aliens" lol
I am happy to know that I am not the only one :)

Huh. Maybe servive network or location because i am on facebook right now but thanks for sharing this information with us. To be aware that presently there are some part of the world that facebook is down. Thanks for sharing this

Didn't notice anything on my side. Was logged on the phone and the computer at one stage and everything working the same as normal.

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And instagram

I think it is a network issue or something else. It is working right now in my country,

Ah. It was great news. Let's send eternity

When I got to know the Steemit platform, I immediately left Facebook and wanted to continue to work and create good content
In steemit platform
And I am very happy to get to know the steemit platform


I wish it gets down for life time lol

First time see this type of error...

Yes bro today's this problem face too, so cannot browsing today, dear @steempty

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Hey steempty, how’s it going mate?

It’s going to take time, but the general public is going to start to realise that Facebook selling their identity to marketers isn’t a good thing and that there is an alternative where you can actually be free, over here on Steemit.

Anyway, I’m on the Steemit hustle myself and I’ve seen that you support quality authors on your auto vote script. Would there be a way that we could have a chat either on Discord or Twitter? I’d love to talk about your background and how you’ve got to the position you’re in. There’s a great story there, I’m sure!


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Facebook is so sneaky

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