FACT BOMB "The Human Nose"

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Hello steemians welcome to another fact bomb segment, today i would be enlighten you about the human nose and disclosed open facts you never thought existed 😉

FACT BOMB "The Human Nose"

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#Do-you-know that the human nose can remember 50,000 different scents and the ears can differential millions of sounds.. when a human breath through the nose we breath in more with one nose than the other and this circle changes every 30minutes .

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I really did not know this data.

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Thank you very much for that great nose,@theonlyway

Interesting to know the function of our body, blessings.

Over 50,000 different scents? That is amazing

Really incredible that data that we contributed reading the post, @fatherfaith

Wao. amazing fact. Nose of life. 50,000 diff scents? Awesome.
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Wow, nice to know about the human nose.
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such an informative post.
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