Let's Get Started

in #faithmix4 years ago

In order to save time, this post will make more sense if you have gone through the following videos which have been ruthlessly censored from various corners of the internet:


Go in order from 1-10, each one is about 15-18 minutes. If you are a truth seeker, once you start it will be difficult to stop.

We are all supposed to do our own research, but the more you look into things you will find:

  • Control of information to create a perception of life, reality, and the priorities of your human experience.
  • Nefarious actors at the top in most positions of visible and invisible power and control around the world.
  • Shop worn techniques used on people around the world to keep us chasing our tail and wasting the window of this life that we have been given.

Everything is being exposed now on a massive, global scale. The old controllers do not have much time left, so epic power plays are taking place on the global stage. Systems of money, energy, value creation, transportation, health care, understanding of what life actually is, are all going through an upheaval.

This is the time to get free, to be free and to walk in true freedom.

Happy to be here. Let's Get Started.