Fallas 2023 Compilation Video - Only The Best Moments!

in #fallas8 months ago


This is going to be our very last Fallas 2023 video. Wow, we have just gone through all of our footage and captured numerous moments through filming and photography. Hence, we decided to compile our most cherished Fallas moments and slow down the footage to evoke a deeper sense of emotion, hehe.

As we rewatch this video, it indeed stirs up emotions within us. This year's Fallas was truly exceptional, one of the best we have ever experienced. The weather was perfect, the fireworks were incredible, and the Fallas Figures were exceptionally beautiful. Moreover, we were fortunate to have guests who fearlessly embraced the madness of these spectacular fireworks.

Now, we would love to know, what was your favorite moment during this year's Fallas?

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