Fireworks Highlight of Fallas 2023

in #fallas11 months ago


In the three weeks of Fallas, we got to catch a whopping 35 fireworks shows! Man, if you're a fireworks fan, Valencia, Spain is the place to be during this festival. They had it all: nighttime spectacles, crazy experimental fireworks, firecracker parades, Mascletas, and even displays in narrow streets. We saw 'em all and loved every minute of it!

Let me tell you, if you really pushed yourself, you could've seen a whole bunch more fireworks. But for us, we had to pace ourselves 'cause Fallas kicked off for us on February 26th with the Day of the Crida. We needed to conserve our energy to make it through the entire Fallas celebration.

Out of all the fireworks we saw, which one was your favorite?

This video was recorded with this camera on this gimbal.