What do babies dream about?

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I wonder this myself. When my little 2 month old smiles in his sleep, what could he be thinking about?


When he's awake, he looks at everything with a very curious look. Almost as if saying "what is that?" Or "who are you?".


He enjoyed time outside before it go so cold. He likes spending time nestled up next to mama.


He likes it when his sister carries him around the house.


Maybe these are all little memories of our baby, and sometimes it makes him smile.


I was snooping around @sebcam's wallet today and noticed your generous donation to him. You really are a wonderful man. Thank you for helping him. In fact I am an old friend of his and doing my best to assist him on his hive journey (hence the wallet snooping!).

As for your lovely post here, I know I am a bit late but I feel as if I must first offer you a hearty congratulations! Welcome to the world little one, you are in good hands.

Your words brings back a memory of the moment I first watched Esteban smiling & even laughing in his sleep. Their experiences are so minimal, what on earth could they be dreaming about? Esteban also had nightmares too (on his very first night), which had me asking the same question. Without any negative experiences what could a nightmare really consist of? At the time I felt like it was evidence of a connection to other lives, like the Buddhist notion that the eternal soul houses countless bodies in an effort to teach us the lessons we need to learn.

Who knows! But certainly there is nothing more enjoyable than seeing the smiling face of a sleeping baby :)

All the best to you and your family brother 🙏

Appreciate your kind words. It was a pleasure helping Seb on his adventure with some crypto, it was especially fun watching him discover it in real-time on the Livestream. I'm still grateful for you having "introduced" me to Seb, he's very approachable and willing to share the knowledge he's gained over the years.

Thanks for the congrats, it had been a delight getting to know little Moses. Even the day he was born, he looked at daddy and mommy with this curious look, like "who are you?".

Their experiences are so minimal, what on earth could they be dreaming about?

That's a good question, I wonder that myself. Maybe sounds? Maybe memories from within the womb? Simply amazing.

I used to think infants were sort of barely sentient crying and pooping machines, but that was before six baby experiences.
I've learned since then that infants really are little people, that their inexperienced soul is fully formed and capable of expressing their personality, even through all their crying and pooping.

It's not so easy to discern if a soul is created or eternal, but acknowledging that the soul is precious has become very easy to discern.

What a beautiful child @ironshield! Such a blessing from ABBA! And a quiver full you have. I personally believe that a baby's spirit remembers the Father. They smile because they still remember His Voice. May it never be taken away from him

Wow. Congratulations on your new baby boy. What a blessing.