I think I am having a hay fever since a few days ago

I think I am having a hay fever since a few days ago

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One more symptom like itchy nose and it is hay fever indeed, if not I will be worried.

I noticed that my throat is itchy and my voice is hoarse, added to the fact that I sound retarded when do speak, but at least I am happy that I can be understood when I speak unlike in the apex of my facial bone overgrowth where it felt like I have a tennis ball inside my mouth, you can't imagine how hard it has been for me trying to speak and trying to eat and drink in those moths until I was able to take the appropriate medicine for Leontiasis which only happens when a person had thrown so much Calcium from their bones because of the Calcium-leaching effects of hyperparathyroidism which was caused by mismanaged high phosphorus levels in the blood which again is caused by lack of knowledge about my condition thanks to my Nephrologist who seems to be having no clue about the long-term effects of dialysis to the patients because patient's turn-out, meaning dying soon before they experience bone changes.

I happen to survive in many years because I am doing lost of trial and error about my condition. I discovered how to manage a major cramp on my legs, I managed to free my lungs from extra fluids which is why I am relatively much ok now with regards to my breathing. The nurses will just recommend a more frequent dialysis, and even though a more frequent dialysis is good, it will not solve the fluids in the lungs issue until they adjust down the patient's real body mass without extra fluids otherwise it will not solve the problem of being so breathless which I experienced for years.

Also due to my persistence in solving the issue of my bone degradation I am able to treat it finally with just a simple Vitamin K2 MK-7 and that allowed my bones to absorb more Calcium rather than to leach it out which is the cause of what I had experienced before. Even though my bones are still weak and I have some trouble walking, at least I am not in so much pain which is a proof that a combination of Calcium, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin K2 Mk-7 works better with no side-effects, at least that I know of, unlike taking Cinacalcet where I experienced a terrible dizziness and bitter taste in my mouth all the time which seem to affect my appetite for a very long time, lasting until now.

Regarding my hay fever, aside from itchy throat I also had been sneezing more than usual and when I sit up I my nose would drip a bit. I do not know that it is caused by taking less vitamin C but I think I must resume my normal intake because I haven't experienced Hay Fever for more than a decade. I really can't also afford showing signs of CoViD because it will mean that I will have to go for testing and isolation treatment in another hospital and that is a lot of trouble and money to be spent for me. It does suck that we are not through yet from the Pandemic because patients like me are always terrified in having a symptom of it because my brother had gotten sick of it and it wasn't a good experience but I thank God that he survived.



I realized that taking off vitamin C will impact my immunity, so I will have to resume my regular vitamin C therapy

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