Missing You - An Original Poem And Family Commentary - Enjoy with Troy!

Missing You

Worn and weathered and wishing still
Lost and forsaken, tears takin to spill.
Alone my heart, the pain to fill
And now I'm missing you.

Scattered words of senseless rhyme
Measures weighted words of time
Wishing wanting your love so prime.
How I'm missing you.

Your tenderness flows through my head
Traveled traces that we tread.
My treasured love now quickly sped.
Oh, how I'm missing you.

Your tongue, you lips that intertwine
Popsicle flavors savor fine.
To touch your feet, forehead or spine
Oh, how I'm missing you.

To hear you snore upon my ear
To kiss away your saddened tear
Poetic rhyme that make it clear.
Oh, how I'm missing you.

Such a sad poem for one who has lost their love. We have all suffered the heartbreak and tears. And most of us have moved on, finding another to love and grow with. Although, what if it someone you love who dies... or worse yet...someone who is taken from you. Where is the closure?



No one knows this more than the mom or dad, who have had their children taken from them by the Child Protective Services. The CPS neither protects nor is a service, unless for the destruction of the family. As a for-profit business, caseworkers are incentivized with fat commissions and bonuses to stalk and steal children from the homes of the innocent. Through crafty manipulation, intimidation and lies, words are twisted and agendas of theft are created.

For example, the surprise inspection is a common tool used by the CPS to take parents off guard. A knock at the door and a stranger greets you with a notepad and questions. Unprepared, your dishes are not washed, your house is a mess and your baby is crying. Oh, and your live in boyfriend or husband has beer cans lying around the house.

But now you are on the verge of losing your children. Talk is made of supervised visits..maybe if you comply with the dictatorial CPS. But you think hiring a lawyer to fight for you will bring your children safely home. Well I tell you, the legal system is corrupt with compromised judges and bought off lawyers. You spend your lifelong savings and watch it drain downwards to nothing.

Lost and forsaken, tears takin to spill.
Alone my heart, the pain to fil

Downward, also goes the life of you child. Shuffled from foster care home to home to runaway to sex trafficking, to prison... and to the grave, it is a spiral of misery that few overcome. Add to that the psychological baggage of grief, guilt, abandonment, fear, depression, desperation, anger, loneliness, and even suicide.

Both children and parents go through these emotions

I ask, why must this crime be tolerated? Why must apathy and ignorance be the norm? When will we protect the faces of tomorrow, ending child trafficking and the CPS theft of children once and for all? It is up to each of us to be a friend of these children and their families. By protecting, preserving and defending the rights of these innocent ones, families can be free to see their dreams fulfilled. The threat of stolen lives can be gone forever.

Will you join me in being a friend to innocent children? Together we can end child theft and create a happier poem of perfect rhyme in their lives.

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This is a very nice poem. It touched my heart.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem of yours.

You are welcome