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Just, when you thought that things cannot get worse it does. In March 2021 this new Bill DC-23-171, became law. This law made it

possible for children from 11 years and up to give consent for vaccinations without the knowledge of their parents.

If that is not bad enough, our unborn children are now murdered still in the womb.

On 03/12/2021 the U.S Government's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was updated.

It is now recorded that in the past 11 months, there was 2,809 fetal deaths. This is the direct result of pregnant and child bearing woman getting the Covid19 vaccine.



Medical Kidnap use the same search parameters but excluded Covid19 shots and found 2168 fetal deaths in the past 30 years following all FDA approved vaccines.
This is schocking statistics!

FDA-approved vaccines: 72 fetal deaths per year
COVID-19 EUA shots: 3064 fetal deaths per year

This substitute an increase of 80% in fetal deaths recorded in VAERS, yet the FDA and CDC still recommends these shots for pregnant woman.

What is even more shocking is that there is evidence that they have knowledge that these vaccines are not safe for pregnant women.

An Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines had a meeting on 4 March 2021. The CDC there submitted a report and on p39 a section called,
Maternal vaccination safety summary.

  • Pregnant women were not specifically included in pre-authorization clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines
    – Post-authorization safety monitoring and research are the primary ways to obtain safety data on COVID-19 vaccination during pregnancy
  • Larger than expected numbers of self-reported pregnant women have registered in v-safe
  • The reactogenicity profile and adverse events observed among pregnant women in v-safe did not indicate any safety problems
    (based on what criteria??? emphasis the writer)
  • Miscarriage was the most frequently reported pregnancy-specific adverse event to VAERS; numbers are within the known background rates based on presumed COVID-19 vaccine doses administered to pregnant women (no supporting evidence to backup these claims - emphasis the writer)

All of this reporting by the CDC is based on the self reporting of pregnant woman, as we know doctors and nurses are pressured to not report this as a side effect of the Covid19 shots.

While pregnant woman are advised to not take a wide range of medicine when pregnant, not drink alcohol, not smoke, you would have thought something like a vaccine would definitely be off limits. But apparently not!! I remember when I was pregnant and got the flu, my doctor would not prescribe anything for me to ease the symptoms. It even blew my mind that a pregnant woman herself can think about getting the vaccine.

‼Please if you are pregnant don't get vaccinated! Tell your friends and family that are pregnant of the dangers.‼




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