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RE: Advancement Unlocked! Level 1 Farmer

in #farming2 months ago

That's awesome @lynds and congratulations on the upgrade to "farmer!" Looks like you have a lovely spread there.

Crows are cool birds, but they are mondo destructive to some crops. Our former neighbor "Dirty Jack" resorted to the rather gruesome method of getting some "dead plastic crows" (there's evidently a gardening supply company online that sells them) and tossing 3-4 of them around his corn patch. Evidently crows will not go anywhere near where another crow has died.

Enjoy the farming life!


Thanks for the pro tip about the plastic crows, I don't know if I want them to think I've been killing their brothers though...hahahaaa! Trying to get them to like me, they don't know I'm a good human yet. Hopefully the meat scraps I give them pays off soon :D