5 ways to improve rice yields in more stable rice fields.

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hello steemians, how are you guys today, I hope we are always healthy. this time I would like to speak to the agriculture department all about how to increase rice yields more steadily.

Increase harvest of paddy rice

all farming friends, in cultivating all kinds of plants, of course there must be knowledge in advance, more so about rice farming, why is that because rice is one of our staple foods, of course we have to farm better to get a more perfect crop.
best friend, the way I gave the following has been proven in my hometown, because before I gave a little knowledge to my friends here, of course I had practiced it first in my own plant, and the results were very satisfying and all the villagers were very happy with the knowledge agriculture that I have given them all.
the two pictures above show that the people in the yard are very happy with the knowledge that I gave them all.

5 ways to increase rice yields more optimally.

my best friend, now I want to give you a little knowledge, I hope you can take advantage of the knowledge that I have given you.

  • the first way your friends all have to clean the weeds around your rice plants first. the weed color is very disturbing for the rice plants to reproduce more.

  • the second way is to fertilize rice, you have to fertilize your rice plants after the age of your plants reaches around 25 days.


  • the third way, you have to keep the kaliam plant from mustard pests, mustard pests are very dangerous for your plants, because it can damage the plants that you have, then try to expel all the pests that are on your plants.

  • the fourth way is to give the second fertilizer, in farming there is not enough stage to fertilize the plants, at least you have to give fertilizer two stages, but the second stage you have to give after the age of rice is up to 60 days.

  • the last way all farming friends, you have to keep your plants completely from various diseases.

That's all friends, how to improve crop income better, if you like, leave your comments below, and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts from me.

farm greetings from me @farmsteemit.


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