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hello steemians, how come all of you hope you always, this time meet with me @farmsteemit and this time I want to talk to all friends about how to plant rice so that it can be a better and more perfect crop.
all agricultural friends, as we know that cultivating rice is very much beneficial for us, because our daily poko food is rice obtained from rice plants that we cultivate, so we really need to know how to cultivate perfect rice, starting from nursery until harvest time.
agricultural friend if you are a farmer, here I want to give you ways to grow rice so you can get a good and maximum income.

as we know agricultural friends, in cultivating something agriculture, the capital that we have first is science, everything must be there with knowledge.

how to grow rice so you can get a lot of income

  • Your first step is to prepare enough rice fields.
  • then plow the fields you have provided.
  • after you plow, then you have to expel the snail before the rice seedlings in the plant.
  • the next step is to plant the rice seeds that you have prepared.
  • then when you hold the rice plant, try the rice you plant a distance of about one inch.
  • after some resistance you do it, then take care of the rice completely, if your rice plants suffer from diseases of pests or leafhoppers, then immediately treat it, by spraying your rice plants.
  • the last step that you have to take care of is the water in your fields, if your fields are dry while your plants are still young, then the plants will be damaged, because rice plants really need water in your paddy fields.


These farming friends are all ways to plant rice so that you can get a lot of good income, how do you use it, leave the comments below my post, and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest posts from me.

Agricultural greetings from @farmsteemit to all farms in the world.


@autovoters & @fuerza-hispana supporting your good content :)


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