how to use organic fertilizer on rice plants

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hello steemians, how are you guys tonight, meet me @farmsteemit again, this time I want to discuss with farming friends all the ways to use organic fertilizer on rice plants.

organic fertilizer on rice plants

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all agricultural friends, what exactly is with organic fertilizer, so many farmers really like organic fertilizers. As we know that organic fertilizer is very different from other ordinary fertilizers, because organic fertilizer is made from dirt, garbage and dried leaves, then in though it becomes a fertilizer which is very much sought after by farmers.
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before we enter into the discussion, here I want a little form of plant which is harvested with organic fertilizer.

  1. one type of plant that is given organic fertilizer is, the shape of the leaves looks very green.

  2. the shape of the stem is very fresh and large.

  3. plants that bear fruit quickly for fruitful and fast-growing plants.

how to fertilize

  • after the age of your plants reaches one week, then give organic fertilizer with ½ fertilizer.

  • and after the age of your plants reaches one month then give one more step, so that the power of growing the plant will quickly be fertile.

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  • in the third stage, mix organic fertilizer with other stimulant fertilizers, so that our plants quickly enter the fruiting period.

all farming friends, it is not difficult to give organic fertilizer to plants, in your opinion which part is the most interesting and which part is the most difficult, leave jalain comments under this post, and if there are questions can also leave questions under my post , and don't forget to follow me so that you can see the latest post from me @farmsteemit.

I thank all the friends who have visited my post, my greetings to all of you and see you again at the next post.


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