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Good friends of @farms, today I want to share with everyone how to grow banana at home. This is an excellent technique to have fruts at home and this fruit is very good and one of my favorite fruits. We can also grow it without problems at home in a porron or in our garden.
Before I start I want to talk about the banana, these banana plants are native to the tropics and subtropics, tend to grow quickly and are easy to grow if you want to start growing banana. Many people who grow this plant do so because of its great benefits and properties, as they do because they are good at decorating, but speaking of their benefits and properties, bananas are high in potassium and magnesium, and thanks to this they are special for the functioning of the cardiovascular and digestive system. And they will improve the health of the heart.

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  • To grow a banana plant it is necessary to have a bulb or rizona of a mother plant, which is recommended to wash first with boiled water to kill any fungus or bacteria that may have.

  • Then look for a pot or a fairly wide container 50 cm in diameter, with holes in the lower area to facilitate drainage of the plant. Then you may have to perform a transplant to a larger container.

  • In addition, the land that is required to plant this plant should be light and sandy so that water can drain easily. You can also help the soil by adding compost so that it has enough nutrients.

  • Then, after having the soil inside the container, you can create a very deep hole so that the roots of your seedling or rhizome can comfortably enter, afterwards it should be covered with a layer of soil 2 to 3 cm above so that the roots will not be exposed. to the sun.

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  • You must take good care of your banana plant, so protect them from the wind and the cold, when there is a hot weather, transport them to the outside to fortify them and then in winter, transport them inside to protect them in the low temperatures. Speaking of the temperature, the ideal for this banana plant is from 25 ° to 28 °

  • Due to its leaves that have a large size it is recommended to water them with enough water and keep them well moist, so water it until 2 to 3 times a week to be able to maintain it. And to maintain a good humidity, you can use this technique putting some small embances with water around the plant and thus create humidity in the air and favor the plant.

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  • If you want to accelerate the growth process of this plant add fertilizers that are rich in potassium, and also prefer an acid soil with a good pH of 5.5 to 6.5.

  • As for the light, it must receive up to 12 hours of daylight, which could be replaced by artificial light inside the house.

  • And the good thing about this planat is that they are not very susceptible to the invasion of pests, so it is not very maintenance-friendly and it is easy to plant and cultivate it is very comfortable to grow bananas at home.

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With all the care that is required to this plant will begin to leave segments, and grow healthy and you will see the flowers that made the plant, from the sixth and seventh month depending on its variety.

The harvest of the banana plant begins to take place 12 months after planting, when the banana is still green or throughout the year since it does not have a specific growth. And we let the fruits ripen in a closed, dark, dry and warm place.

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The banana is a nutritious food, with good flavor and very versatile in the kitchen

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