This Ain’t Good

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I’ll be back on the AM vlog posts tomorrow. Honestly it’s getting to point I’m in shock at how asleep many are. Now we have High level government officials talking taking kids out of unvaccinated homes! This is gonna blow soon guys. The pressure can’t go one way without pushback of some sort. It’s getting weirder faster then even I predicted.
Vlog tomorrow 👍


Yes, fascism can devastate a country, quickly. People better wake up.
Thanks for the wake-up call, @geneeverett.

Personally, I take it as a good sign. These folks sound desperate to coerce people to do what they want them to do OR ELSE!

To me that means more and more people are tuning them out. Besides, would you want to be the police officers assigned to this task?

An armed society is in fact a polite society. These folks are sounding rather impolite. The outcome is fairly predictable.

I'm now convinced that Biden is brain dead.

Just a empty puppet indeed. maybe that’s the plan like do illegal stuff then when it hits fan Biden has medical tests proving dementia and he’s the fall guy but medically shot so no jail. Who knows but it’s getting weird here in NY

This one! Is that suggesting what I think?

Oh, but they will.

I will say things are moving at an alarming rate. If we survive as humans, I got to believe this is going to be featured in history books for some time.

I said past year I think not exactly how things go but the level of change the 2020’s will be 1930,s & 1940’s level of change and history.
The wild card is technology and how a fascist government can use the surveillance apparatus this time. It’s scary indeed

Hive is the only reason I haven't lost my mind completely trying to communicate with CNN/FOX zombies surrounding me. Hard to talk about anything anymore with people near me. Look forward to hearing from ya tomorrow.