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Up until recently, we'd thought these photos to be lost. Luckily that was not the case! Each of these pieces were crafted by me last month. Made with lots of love from low-impact dyed organic scraps. A couple days worth of work also went into it.

I used my sewing machine to make these garments, something I do not plan on doing again any time soon. I will reserve the use of my sewing machine for detail work now. With my overlock machine, I will be able to manage much faster construction. What took me hours upon hours to create with my sewing machine will take minimal time with the overlock, or serger.

Take one last look at these creations:


Those colors fill my heart!




In my book there's nothing sweeter than being able to clothe loved ones in organic garments. It was amazing trying on my own clothing for the first time, but what was even better was seeing someone else rock an outfit that I made. Between that and the fact that we captured these moments - it brings me so much joy. I poured my heart and soul into each of these pieces, especially since they were among some of the very first I made. Choosing the color schemes is one of my most beloved parts of the process, but every bit of it is really fulfilling. This is something I have aspired to do and worked towards for many moons.

I have a feeling I will have a hard time letting these pieces go, but I know it will feel good once they are on the way to their forever homes. Hopefully that will be this weekend at Apple Jam Music Festival! I attended this event back in 2016, but dealing with the death of friend a few days prior made it hard to enjoy. This year I plan to let nothing hold me back. I have yet to vend my organic wears, but I'm beyond excited for my first opportunity to do so. I'll spend as much time as I can in the next week preparing, balancing that between planting the garden in the next few days. Thank you for reading!

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Great creation

♡ Many thanks! ♡

Nice work they look well made. Hope they sell well at the festival. Enjoy looking forward to some pics. Dam I've not be to a festival in ages, well over due. Just too expensive in England these days, your talking over £200 pounds for most 💯🐒

Oh my heart I did not know you were in England.
I probably should have asked :-)
That is quite expensive...maybe you should start your own?
I came across another Steemian in England recently who wants to do the same.

Yep sunny England and it is actually sunny at the moment!

Used to go to loads and luckily I was caught the times when free parties still were common place. You'll have to put me in touch with the festival planner. Not got Time I have tried but too much red tape once I have some land though things will be easier. Thats if I stay in England 💯🐒💯🐒

I've found the post about the festival! Here it is: https://steemit.com/music/@moderndayjester/my-first-family-day-festival

Amazing looks cracking! I have to make an effort to go! 💯🐒

Where were you thinking of traveling to? I will go back through my comments to search for our conversation about the festival. I remember him saying he wasn't sure if he was going to do it in fear of low attendance.

I have a ten year plan drawn to Costa Rica or Mexico don't know why just really drawn to there. Have enough of England 💯🐒