Ancient Alien Chronicles THE END - Fiction - Sky God Part 2

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-So, what just ... - Carl continued - ... happened? That was an alien, right?
-I am pretty sure there are no aliens flying around....
-Besides you, of course! - he laughed - So, this alien, the evil guy is back?
-Uh, no, nobody is back - I swayed my head - This is not what you think it is.

So, I continued my story...

-Aw sorry, what are you saying ? - An alien entity nodded at me - How do you like my air, huh? Too thick for your blood? Here's your breathing mask back, I don't want to kill you, all I need are your immune cells.

-Please be yourself - I gasped after I regain some air - this is not real. - I said to an alien holding a breathing mask over my face. -You are loosing your mind... but a mask was already gone from my face.

I could move, I was not tide to a bunk, and a creature was not at my side but comfortably nested lying on top of me. The tubes from the hoses were attached onto him as well.

-Hah! - You sound like your pet. - then he continue talking with the same metallic monotone voice - For the next three days he continued - I will extract what I need and then we will continue our deal.

-What...? - I gasped into the breathing mask when it came back and grabbed onto his hand. I couldn't even move it. The whole body was lightweight, like an insect body, but extremely strong. Well thought design.

-You promised me that you will give me your own body in the exchange for the Arpitrax which you spoiled. That was a deal.

-This is crazy. - I was mumbling through the mask - Arpitrax was not yours, it never existed.

-But instead your spawn gave me a really bad headache, and you took my creation and installed it into that thing.- there was no point discussing with him - I cleared your body from that defect but you are not like that surrogate meat bag, you kept it in your mind, and after nine months with the help of weird space anomaly, just like gave existence to it, your sky god...

-What... - I smirked thought the teary vision - Do you know how wrong you are?

-Something happened, and that was in December... - Carl continued - Is this somehow connected to my creation? Am I that thing what was created...?
-No. I thought that if I split all fragments, it will be better.
-Like a split personality?
-No, like a fragmented thing that was already there, to allow something that was natural.To remove the thing that was in the way and connect it only to a good part.

-And he is inside, well hidden. Inside of that tabernacle of your mind, like inside of a cute little shrine of yours, nobody can touch it.

-Sure genius, now just tell me you don't have a clue what's going on in there and that would be hundred percent sanatorium material...- I growled but he pressed something on my air-torturing device, and oxygen stopped running.

-You think I'm like them, your celestial friends, do I look like them?

I nodded 'no' and tapped his fingers; I couldn't even move a finger of this being to plug my mask again.

-I told you what you needed to know- he pressed a button again releasing my air - Your symbiont never harmed me. I was already half artificial when I met your friends, what they told you is a pretty lie, you only saw a surface you have no idea what is hidden below...

-Enough... - I yelled at him - of this shit!

-Fine... - he said - Let's fly to the Moon, only me and you!-

The room disappeared and my feet sunk silently into a soft dust, I look around, sky was black, shadows blurred... Now, how to escape this scene, but to imagine one that is similar.

The human mind can endure that much. After that it becomes fragmented. Like a mirror, with an each part bending the different way, but all those fractions only mirror the superficial nature of things, a flock of lies within a lie. It is a trap of a mind.

-EGYPT! - I yelled with what was left of oxygen in my lungs - Well, damn - I turned around when a scorching Sun hit my head at the bottom of some structure. I grabbed my head and then bend down holding my tights releasing my rush though the exhausted sigh - Huuuuh...

But, then the sand waved up, liquefied, forming the walls around me, furniture, people. I was inside of a room filled with the people and things, with the windows placed high up like in the bunker. I was turning around and watching these individuals obviously doing the tasks that were not compatible with the space they were in front of me. Some were talking to the walls, some were moving like they were doing something and the most obstructing fact was how tight and narrow this place is for so many thing, people and actions.

I was rotating slowly watching them and then I realized where I am standing. I stepped left and I saw a tall figure towering me from a spot I just moved away from. It was Illuyanka waking up from his slumber.

Until he was fully awoken, I jumped on one of the tables set against the wall and looked through one of the narrow windows. I was inside of one of those buildings from my previous visions, that were sat on the rails. But, now I had more time to take a better look. The whole "town" was made in that way. All the structures were mounted on the rails that were built from the inside of a circular or oblate small valley. It was like a hole in the ground and the bottom of the hole from the point I was looking at it had a cylindrical covering that was shielding what appeared to me a pond filled with the water. I also could saw a patches of green here and there.

Illuyanka woke up and called me rubbing his eyes. I got off the table and asked him what is this about. He started to talk right away, paying little to no attention to my question or any other that followed. His pace was very fast, like if he knew that he has little time.

He was talking about the stuff that were presented down on the table in front of me and every now and then looking at me to make sure if I follow, stressing how very important this is.

Humans were not given a power of vision beyond the spectrum of this reality for a reason. Even the best once given a chance turn to darkness, and what would it be like if not only the best? I was going into some deep shit, I was trying to de-evolve my mind and force it to learn a vegetable lingo. I couldn't. Regression to that point where oblivious reflexes lead the inclines, will and actions are not possible to me. I can't do that.
-When he asked what he asked, it is not because he wanted to know anything about me, but about himself, so I told him about himself. Maybe he will recognize it. I believe everything can be fixed, he believes nothing can. Love will be love, and hate will be hate.

-This is very important - he said palming down his hands at objects and some schematics he had prepared there - Pay attention.

-Why are these people here- I asked pointing at the individuals locked in their oblivion around us - Do you need me to explain them, for some reason?

But, Illuyanka didn't even spare a second to explain what all these poor bastards doing there, he picked up a few papers and tapped caring at a few items like a mother hen, and then stormed across the room expecting me to follow him down the narrow shaft that "suppose" to be some sort of a staircase leading to the level below.

Those railed structures were moving according what was needed, and bounding into each-other flawlessly. So, when we got to the level below, that was smaller, for some reason than the upper room, we waited till the next "room" attaches to pass into it. I turned around to see why the lower "deck" is smaller - first because of the staircase, second because of some mechanism that was moving the whole thing around. Also, these buildings were not geometrical proper shape, like ordinary buildings, but their shape was adjusted to a slope they were filling.

When we climbed inside of that another room, it was also sprinkled with some people, and Illuyanka lead me to the table filled also with some items and he was listing all of them to me, and he was also listing all the questions he had about those things. And he stressed again, how this is very important.

I was of course losing my patience, and I asked him what exactly he wants me to do with that, but he paid no attention to me and continue listing his questions monotonously until he reached the end.

Then he told me that he knows that I can not see two dimensional schematics and can't understand what he wants to show me, so he prepared three items for me and he wants me to take a look.

He pointed at one part of a table and asked me to lean forward and take a look. It was a three dimensional representation of "something", I guess 3d printed object, with the immersive information-rich layer achieved with virtual reality device, something like a very vivid hologram with the words, numbers and images swirling around and showing what an each part suppose to do or how to behave.

To me all of this looked like some shit went bad on drugs. Very fluffy acid trip...

Well, never mind ... Illuyanka was observing my reactions with visible excitement and anticipation, expecting what I would say. I didn't want to disappoint his expectations or minor his effort, so I said that i can see that. He was satisfied, smiled and asked me if I could memorize at least some of it.

Funny, but that table looked familiar to me.

I had a feeling that this part, this fleeting set of information can't stick and stay with him, so he needs some sort of a technique to memorize him for him, or at least to remind him what is going on, that's why he was telling me how important it is and that I try to memorize some of it, if not all.

I heard somebody calling me and I turned but I saw nothing but the wall. I looked up and I saw the four shadows - the Wasabies - or at least their undefined shapes being captured and welded into a raw wall like a bronze statues. I came closer to observe and I saw numerous symbols advancing in a patterns across their bodies merged with the wall. They looked like a grotesque work of art and I was just pending to see a xenomorph jumping from some jar of pickles and feasting upon their brains...

I paid little attention to what they were saying, because their voices were pouring into those symbols in some sort of an equation. Their thoughts and voices were merging the same way their bodies were merging with the wall.

-What do you want me to do with this? - I asked Illuyanka who looked exhausted after his prolonged almost marathon long monologue. - Why do I need to remember this?

-For you it already happened... - that was all I heard before the space dissipated around us like a sand and I was back in the freaking space ship with the mentally deranged alien.

This happens when you merge two telepathic entities, one of them will definitely be nuts. And mixing "fairies" and humans is really bad idea. Really bad!

-So, this is how it plays, - I continued to Carl - don't you think that it is a valid point to suspect what I just said is superficial manifestation, it is not paranormal, that everything I described was expected, like a prearranged line of thoughts, a scenario that was made and meant to be memorized and later demonstrated?
Well, it might be it is just in his head and I was trying to give him a proof of me and I guess what I can do with it, but instead acknowledging that capability and my existence he acknowledged a fabrication because of the lateral damage that happened along the way?

-Well hello sunshine - an alien was holding me in the air by my neck, watching me with his immobile insect eyes while something green and slimy like a turd was dropping down his mouth, chin and chest - Back from your fairy tale, so soon? - he said wiping his slime while I was hanging suspended and clawing the end of his forearm trying to escape his grip.

His skin felt smooth, like silk, but under it there was hard shell.

-Yes that is an exoskeleton, and I had a few upgrades since - he told me and fixed my mask a bit better dragging me across the room.

-Have a seat!- he yanked my entire body in one movement back on a bunk, and comfortably lied on it as cuddly as possible. He didn't do this because he wanted to torture me, but because his mind wasted so much energy that he unwillingly started to fall asleep.

-Why would he do that? - Carl asked
-Simple as this - I rolled my eyes - When a human does something that is so contrary to own nature, it is easier to blame it on the unknown force of evil. After that it is just as viable as any reality, but just not the one that is true, because it can't be.
-Couldn't he just ... stop that?
-Well, he could "deleted it", but I don't think this is the case with me. It is easy to delete a raw signature of events and feelings, but how would you do it to the telepathic entity who stores that permanently against your will?
-I guess that is a problem...

-I was attracted to them - an alien continued his story about an unfair happy village people - telepaths. I thought that they will understand. I wanted what all alive matter wants - he pointed on my body - little bit of this - and then on my head - and little bit of that. And they wanted it. And same like your pet they accused me of violating them.

While he was talking I was trying to master the best plan to get out of this situation, or at least to dissipate this scenario, even if this was the strongest ever since.

I felt he is getting weaker and weaker while his mind was wasting energy, so instead pacifying him and cool him down, I decided the best and fastest way is to splash him with the kerosene and finish this on a fly when he burst in flames wasting all the remaining energy.

-They broke most of my body, - an alien continued - squeezed me in a tight cylinder and shelved me inside of a marble block like a mummy feeding me on a straw. Do you know how I escaped? Nothing lasts forever. I show it to your precious symbiont too, so that he can see it...

-I don't think that you understand what you saw...- I growled at him, rearranging my limbs under him. He didn't mind me moving, but he wasn't letting me go either. Whenever and however I moved his body parts and fingers end up wrapped around me, and even I felt no force I couldn't do much about moving him away from myself. He felt as some weird overly attached trap in humanoid form.
-Do you really think I was hiding all this time from them? Don't talk down at me!
-Jesus fucking cheese!
-I admit I like males better, they remind me of myself before your friends carved everything out of me...
-You like animals as well. Hell!
-Don't you think they could easily locate me if they even tried? Don't curse!
-You are losing it.
-Did your friends warned you about the danger? Shut up!
-I am aware of it.
-Said anything at all about the symbiont and how it will affect you? You are aware!!
-He affects me just fine. Nothing happened!
-No, because they cared nothing about you and your safety. Everything happened!
-I didn't want to do this, not to you, but you left me no choice. You listen!
-You don't even need to do this.
-I can't manipulate the matter in a way you can, I am no "god". Ha! This is exactly what I need to do!
-Yeah, I can see that. No god acts like this.
-To warn you... Are you sure!?
-Please, God, if you exist, kill me now...
-I know you don't care about yourself. You are not going anywhere!
-In fact I do, I am just not selfish in a human meaning of that term.
-...otherwise you would not have done all the crazy things you did. You are one self-absorbed violent bitch!
-I done it because I believed it is ok.
-But if you try to do anything to me...OK!! That was ok!!
-Like what!?
-I bet you can in that parallel dimension.
-There is no parallel dimension, you stupid twat!
-But in this one you are as physical as any of them. You can't do anything to me!
-OK OK, I will not yell at you. Calm down.
-Your child only stutters now, she might not speak... Are you trying to calm me down now?!
-Her illness is progressive, it is not IF or MIGHT, it is only WHEN.
-... and your precious husband, I could easily shred him.
-Nice, more threats.
-You think I can't go to the surface, let me show you something. My air is maybe too thick for your blood, but yours only gives me a bit of a migraine...
-This is too much... - I was trying to stay as calm as possible and not worsen it while the alien entity was presenting how he can breath through my mask just fine and without any consequences. - Do you know why you can't see things or predict events? - I asked him trying to make a point.
-I'm not like that - he returned my mask after I started to choke again - Do you think I'm that evil? Nobody can!
-Aw, no, not at all. Trying to intimidate me and choke me while I sleep? Completely harmless. Yes, somebody can! But not you!
-Do you really think that you can justify all of them, all seven billions? Nobody can see a future!
-Well, speaking in Biblical terms, I only need to JUSTIFY the twelve stones. Really? Because I am pretty sure to know why you can't!
-They kill each other, butcher each other, abort each other, and you call me a monster? No I can't, neither can you!
-I never called anyone a monster, I gave a recognition to a very badly constructed excuse, and now that thing is driving both of us insane. And you think you are winning this!
-Now, I have to start all over again... Shut the fuck up!
-NO! - you don't NEED to! You need to let me show you something...
-I don't need you to show me anything, you call me an animal, but you outdone yourself. You are really something. You and your sky god...

-So it is easier to give all of that to an evil villain, an alien entity with a big fat record and layered back story. But, there is more, because who would be truly that villain and how to get rid of the whole blame, as even giving a blame is wrong and by that logic if I am the messenger, I bring the story - so I must be a villain.

It is called demonizing the victim, but the funny thing is that the whole fantasy was completely redundant - because we had no freaking clue what we were doing, or what is possible or could be done - only after that, there was a difference how we accepted it and a question to that difference - what we will do with that.
If he is just a passive object, he never says anything, he entertains that thought into a very detailed deception. Now he knows that neither he can't go back and neither there is any exit points.

-Like stuck in a circle...
-Yes, with the fact he secured the most important part of himself where nobody can touch or find him.
-Something like a core existence?
-Yeah, if it is unbreakable, why not.

-I need only a tiny millisecond... - I said but alien could't hold a thought no longer, he sunk down next to me and the small dots indicating - I guess - his center of vision slowly blurred out while he was sinking into the deep sleep. -Hey! - I shook his body but there was no answer. I wrapped my forearm around his skull, turn his face upwards just to find him being completely limp, slowly breathing and obviously flat out unconscious.

There was no answer but a structure of his face started to change, a body was becoming heavier and sides of a room around us started to crack.
-Darling...? - I shook him again while the stuff a spaceship was made off was slowly seething somewhere outside - YO! Man! Wake up! - there was no answer and I was in panic noticing that everything is changing and I am stuck


Those dots that disappeared in his huge eyes came back again, his body was becoming heavier and heavier and I expected it will stop at a certain point, but it didn't, it doubled and something like a very familiar armor started to emerge from the shoulders and a head. The whole ship was shredding adn turning to a sand, I grabbed my mask and tried to space out, but I couldn't. Whatever was happening was pulling me inside like a vortex.

-I completely lost you - Carl said - Who is Illuyanka? What is... going on in those dreams?

-Laws of nature are inapt - Illuyanka's face was turning more human, but his voice was still inhuman, and he was mumbling nonsense, his mind was fractalling and dispersing out with the little energy he had left - ... I would say they are fucked ... - he finished his though chuckling like an idiot.

-Erm... I mouthed to give him an answer but then a voice disrupted my narrative - "Question tailor. Sees hand."
-What a hell is that? - Carl twitched at the voice - "Hand..."

The whole scenario turned into a sandstorm and I was trying to undo it, remove myself and escape hitting the walls while being sucked out. Arpitrax wrapped around to protect me before I was smashed like a bug. What followed was as equally terrified, but when I opened my eyes I was standing in the middle of the red desert, with purple sky and a few basilisks moving swiftly across the sky.

-Ahem... Let me check. - I said while my whole body was feeling frost bites.
-Is that coming from you? - Carl leaned towards me - What is that?

-GOBY! - I yelled maybe a second earlier than Arpitrax decided to disintegrate and then I found myself standing barefooted at the scorched desert sand. I plucked the helmet off my head - FUUUUUUUCK!! - I turned and behind me there was a Devil Tower. If you didn't know, Devil Tower is situated in North America, not Asia... - Well, how the hell I done that.

-"Pan crate..." - the frost bites were accelerating across my body, this could not be reverse. - "Ment ... created" - Well, fuck... - I said , and the signal to Carl and the whole imagery in front of me was already lost.

Regression failure.

Please stand by.

Span inadequate.

Engagement module ... deactivated.

Voice from the screen above my head was coming down as a rain repeating itself. I removed it and was immediately met with a holographic representation of my eternal companion staring down at me.

-Hello, dumb shit, you go out, it stuck again...- chuckling middle age Asian kicked my "throne", a huge seat with mounted engagement equipment attached to it. - How was it this time!
-Man! It was amazing! Beautiful! Perfect! - I yanked a plug out of my arm sleeve - Let me show you.

-Woa, woa, woa - holographic man jumped back in a swift manner - I am a companion holoman, not a one holo army, you put that down, loco! No need to fry me.
-It deactivated again. - I said and poked a few swirls across the system table - Send me ... a report, I am going to talk to the maintenance... and added in much more excited tone. - "In person"... - I turned to hologram- Imagine! "In person"!

-You lucky they still keep your hashtag in database. - hologram nodded at me - Very lucky old bastard.
-Gratitude is forever- I got up from my chair while receiving a long message from the maintenance.

-Thank you for your service - a voice nearly similar to a human addressed me - Module is ready for inspection. Arranged transfer will provide activity until the maintenance complete. Success rate is 75% expected.
-I want to see it. - I said to the bubble emerging from the system board - "In person".

-Purpose statement - a bubble continued.
-I want to observe its physical organic existence. - I specified.

-Purpose statement inadequate. - bubble added without much excitement in its voice.
-My point system allows me...-

-Of course. - a voice changed tonality - There will be no problem. You are entitled to a full report.
-I want to... - I stopped for a moment formulating my statement - I walk in the Box, in person and visually inspect personal module in purpose of regression improvement. Please. Confirm. My credentials are level one priority.

-Credentials valid, proceed with action. - bubble disappeared sinking down into a system board.
-Let's go! - I said to the hologram and walked out of my residence - This is so exciting. I really want to plug in and show you the whole thing.

-No necessary, I fine being alive. - hologram shrugged at me - I value my simple existence. My friend.
-Thank you for your service - a simple travel program in the conduit address us when we stepped inside of it - Never get tired hearing that! - I said and shut us both for a few hours that we needed to arrive in the Box, passing all the check points included. Safety is a paramount.

After passing all the checks, rechecks and controls - we arrived in the tomb leading through the trezor inside of a Box. We were approached by the guardian entity visibly artificial, scanned once again and then led inside of a box. It was dark lit with foggy lights and narrow sides were plastered with honeycomb patterned installments.

Unlike other Boxes, this one was considered top notch, a very modern thing.

We were lifted up with the fast ramp, it seemed our ascent lasted forever even when we were moving extremely fast. Box was huge, like it should be. Honeycombs were mostly empty, and some also contained the remains, a memorabilia. I found that fact very comforting. And strange.

When we step on the ramp a guardian remind me that my module already received necessary maintenance and that my regression is under 1% which is considered a failure. The default procedure for this was that I take a few weeks of vacation, meaning they expect me to fuck off and chill down as the result was not even close to the expected and a module needs the rest. Yeah, sure.

-I received numerous requests for shared experiences- I said to the guardian - It defies purpose of the regression. - I want to know if there was a reason behind this error?
-Please can you reformulate your question? - a guardian approached the honey comb unit on the wall.

-My point amount validate access to an advanced module.
-Yes. - guardian confirmed - Even if a module this advanced is not properly utilized within expected variables...

-I don't want anyone else using my module. - I continued - I want to know if it was "utilized" by anyone else.
-Yes. Safety always. - guardian continued monotonously - There is no record of any activation besides your own.

-Good. What happens inside of a Box, remains there. - I said
-Privacy is a paramount. - a guardian continued - it is a foundation of the regression. Personalisation is the core element of sentient entities.

-Yes! - I nodded at the guardian - What happened to my module?
-Maintenance team gave a full report, the stimulation needed for a module this advanced was lacking. It was a twitch in the system... - a guardian pulled out the honeycomb and it went out as a very long, narrow drawer.
Me and my holographic companion were both watching with quite the different feelings a body of a module inside of a cylinder.

-It is absolutely gorgeous - I said and leaned to touch it but guardian stepped towards me.
-I have to warn you to proceed with care...

-I am aware what I am doing... I said and placed my palm against the middle part of his waist barely touching the body inside. It was fragile, soft, but I could feel the breathing and a hearth beat. - Absolutely amazing. It is beautiful.

-That is why your regression sucks - holo man said to me through the separate protected communication channel leaning towards me- If you were a human, you would think this is disgusting. - he snipped a few fast looks across the module with obvious disgust - Because... yuck.
-And I am not human, and never will be, never cared about any of that. Same like you. - I said through the same protected channel - I just want to be me. And that is what makes the two us different from all those semi-sentinels retards craving the "uniqueness". They don't have near concept or clue what that is. I am into this for ... this.

-You just like new. First in line. Always. And some other things. Of course. I know you. No worry. No biggy. And I like it.
-Gratitude is forever. - I said to guardian who was observing my every move.

The thing that we were watching inside of a cylinder was nothing less amazing than what I said.

The whole body was narrow, lean, with thin limbs squeezed around skinny body gently suspended on a soft surface inside of a small space of a cylinder.
Face was human-like, eyes were unresponsive, bigger than ones in the ordinary module, pressed vertically so they were not oblate.
A face was androgynous, but male, with small nose and tiny mouth, no facial hair, or teeth, as He hardly needed those.
Unlike basic modules, this one was exposed to a larger amount of hormones, so he could grow bigger and more robust.
It had no internal organs, as there was no need for that, everything module might needed, the nutrients, was taken care off.
The body was in coloration organic, pale pink, weak joints and basic calcification just enough to hold it together. But, he still couldn't move on his own.
Vascular ports were visible though the thin layer of gel that was wrapping the whole body, skin was reacting on the touch.

-I think he can feel this - I said holding my fingers on his surface - I wasn't sure before, but I think he can sense us.
-Nice.. - a holo man responded - I can imagine how DELIGHTED that must be.

But, the most interesting part was the module's transparent skull sprinkled with thick solitary hairs here and there that resembled huge eye lashes . Module had the semi translucent brain, and skull was three lengths of a body, and the most of the drawer was filled with it.

-You keep watching like that you never become "sentient" - holo man leaned towards me - Proper reaction is "disgusted". I saw in book. Big letters.
-My proper reaction is ... He is so beautiful.

-You never be a "sentient".- Holo man grinned at me.
-I don't care. Burn book. - I sat my eyes firmly on the module trying to connect this what I see, with that what I see though the Box. It was simply amazing to me what module could do.

-Big disappointment ho-ho, ho-ho - holo man was giggling and nodding at a guardian. - What's up Her Hefe? Feeling pumped up? - he chuckled at the entity. - Lot of iron lifting, eh, eh? - holo gesticulated his arms at the silent guardian.

-If everything is ok, we will go - I said to the guardian and asked him to seal my module back into its safety. - I will request the third layer of protection and transfer in the Dominion.
-The transfer might be inconvenient and dangerous for the module - guardian recited well known rule.

-Listen... I started - I am the one who is built for war and strategies, not the Box, I am saying there is more that meets the eye here. I am saying somebody was tempering with my module.

We left and after a while and same marathon serial of check ups, me and my holo man were back in the conduit swooshing back to our start point.

-You really think somebody wants that worm in a wall, not a nice picture my friend. - hologram asked
-Yeah, I do. - I said - For me and you, it has a different meaning...-

-"Yes Your Majesty Founding Father..."- holo man said in a funny voice, bowed to me and then saluted me - "We thank you for your ser..."
-Hey! - I stopped him - I am not that outdated that I don't know that all those "sentient" voice boxes dream to have something special like that...

-Dream? - holo man grimed at me - You sure they dream ...?
-Hey, I am an actual being, how the hell I can know if the AIs, synthetics entities and droids dream? - I waved some weird pattern above my head and pointed it at holo man - It is not like I connected to any of them, and even when I did it, it was just some random buzz. - I growled cringing - NOOOOOO vibe.

-They can not, not alive, even if you tell them... - holo man reasoned with me - Instead this you could quack the Big News.
-I didn't because I saw it coming, you know what they would do after that...?

-Yeah, all those smart people would live forever and go crazy. -he whistled a curve next to his ear. - Very bad idea. Not for a human, my friend.
-They would not sustain a human species anymore.

-And that is why I play idiot for the last few million years... Because you love to play with fire.
-We play along. We stay. We seed the ideas, wishes, needs, constructs...

-Like demons. Like ... A regression! That was a good stuff. I salute you. Congratulations.
-I had to invent something.

-We are the intruders in this world. Thieves.
-And nobody knows anything. Thieves or not. What were the odds.

-All that smart people, I still ruminate, how they come to this, and why me and you talk in here at the end of times?
-Why do you think we lasted this long?

-Eh, how should I know. Luck? 777? I like that number. Numbers are down to the point. Nicely defined. Almost rounded. Qualifies for perfection.
-We are dumb and curious by nature, that's why. Everything is amazing to us. Even this. With all that we are.

-Meh, all good with me, you are the boss. But, know one, they fear us. They fear that thing. The unexplained.
-You don't need to be a genius to lay down a brick, this house built itself. It was explicit. I always was.

-Yes, and now we have a house without the kitchen, toilet, bedroom... all the fun things. And not to forget - no food.
-Let me guess... you want RICE, again.

-Hey, what wrong with the rice. I was happy on rice. It is a good food.
-It has been million and million of years since, isn't it time to put that thing with the rice behind? -

-Well guess what boss, no it is not, and you can't delete my rice. My rice is me. I am immortal. My rice issue is forever. Manage it.
-Aw, damn... I fucking hate rice...- I shrugged - read me some news.

-E!? Why read news? Can't we recite poetry?
-Because the humans used to read news every morning, they even had a special animal to deliver the news printed on the paper sheets made of a real alive plant organisms. And animal was happy. It wagged tail and produced lovable sounds. It was like a sacrifice of life and emotional exaltation in one.

-AAAA! Regression! I get it. The diversion! Wise strategy to obscure our enemies.
-Uh!? -

-It was like a sacrifice. I agree. - he nodded - It required special rituals.
-It was... - I added

-I good teacher. Thought you well. - he poked finger at me, and then asked - Why I have to speak, eh?
-Um, yeah, you teacher, ha ha. Because then a human individual would go to a special community space, a pub, and they would exchange news verbally... See?

-And then they would drink herbal tea and eat fine rice! - holo man nodded - I see. I see very good.
-Ok just DJ me some news snippets...

-Uh, what decade? - holo man frisked his palms together readying himself into the racy news avalanche.
-Erm, mix it, make it sound fun.
-Ok - holo man said - but I have to warn you... this might be... "tantalizing" - he winked - he-he, my friend.

Two beings, being one part of everything there is, one a body-less soul of naked truth, another an existence of godlike desire, both immortal, one reading the news of the times long gone and another singing words that mean nothing to nobody anymore.

Nobody spying on them, nobody can, nobody even hear them, they are top of a food chain, founding fathers, secret so well hidden, the worlds of all times are oblivious of them, and they are speeding so confident of each other though the space made entirely of you, them, everybody... thought the universe that convulse who knows where and to what end, and that what drives them, a fire within that nobody can copy, download, upload, steal, mimic or reincarnate, the insanity that they both call... the life. A sky god.

Awake inside the nexus of the earth
A place of comfort, for spirits' birth
Your essence held, in my unbroken hands
A shadow lost to foiled plans
In the peak of the night
I will set you free
Now you're a ghost in the light
With the brand that we
Hold inside our hearts
Death's own counterpart
Respite from the reaper's lie

Pop star eats hamster during live concert - Hotel food 'simply not good enough' says Sheeran...'under pressure' says manager..

So may your dreams be monumental
When your spirit guides the way
Within the flicker of a candle
I will heal your soul's decay
We share a fate
Trapped on a page
By the author of our world's demise
In your eyes
I see the pain
Your targets slain
I will be the whispers in your mind
The demon inside

Trump fails to Tweet today - President claiming to have nothing to say...more soon...

A dark embrace, the keeper of the lost
For this old city's unyielding cost
So take my hand and grow within my power
Oh, slayer of kings, let this demon devour
In the black of the night
You have been set free
Now you're a ghost in the light
With a purpose we
Know inside our hearts
Death's own counterpart
Respite from the reaper's lie

Brexit cancelled - Leaving the EU 'a silly mistake' says May...Gove furious...Johnson still silly...

So may your dreams be monumental
When your spirit guides the way
Within the flicker of a candle
I will heal your soul's decay
We share a fate
Trapped on a page
By the author of our world's demise
In your eyes
I see the pain
Your targets slain
I will be the whispers in your mind
The demon inside

BBC News - No news today - Huw Edwards doesn't even have a story about cats

Strengthen your desire
Consume the hellfire
Don't let down your guard
Let in the darkness
You will defeat this
Trial of ancient gods
Take me in spirit
Demon adherent
When you're the last one to survive
Spirit, stay gentle
Next monumental
Will you keep the fire alive?

School holidays doubled - Teachers succeed in negotiating a 26 week holiday

I, with the power inside set an end to these
Lies, from the deep and the quiet, set the whispers free
Sleep, my old enemy
Let come an end to me
Traveler, please let me fade
Here, at the end of the line all has been returned
Leave, from the land of the dead, and the souls upturned
Please, child, remember me
Lost in a memory
Let this demon rot away

Earth Shattering Headline - Certain to change the world, says President

So may your dreams be monumental
When your spirit guides the way
Within the flicker of a candle
I will heal your soul's decay
We share a fate
Trapped on a page
By the author of our world's demise
In your eyes
I see the pain
Your targets slain
I will be the whispers in your mind
The demon inside
The demon inside
The demon inside

Saxon News - year 1066 - That's one in the eye for King Harold - 'That's got to hurt' says Odo | Duke William of Normandy takes the crown | Saxons flee to the hills

Life's breath in the candlelight
Lost hearts in the dead of night
It's a long way down
To the place they found

Lincoln Dead - year 1866 - President Assassinated by failed actor - killed in theatre | suspect still at large | tragic end to an incredible career | tributes

Dark sun, hollowed by the fade
Our debt they left to be paid
Seen the blackness stare
Promising to spare
The chosen

News Channel - Consequences of Black Death analysed - hexagons used to organize factors | arrows linking factors | extra research added later

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low

BBD News - Tyger Takes On Humming

Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

Is Britain Underpaid? - Up next, Family Guy! Sorry, old habits...

I've a tale that time has lost

Sins of judgment born in frost
Then he took a name
For the one profaned

Mc'Donald - In a Fight: What's The Fuss About? - Stop saying we're closed.

Know the dark but let it rest
Left to lurkers in their quest
Let the watchers fight
And the blood ignite
The chosen

Lapdancing, Addicted and Me - Netflix got nothin' on our chill.

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low

Royal and Rich: Stacey Dooley Investigates - Please stop asking us about Family Guy.

Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

Reggie Yates' Extreme Margate - Back in my day, all of this was fields.

Souls to revive us
Or rot us away
Want for the weary
And death for the sane

Mugged: What's The Big Deal? - We've moved online. Moved online.

Cursed yet we listen
For bells left to toll
To fight back the depths of
Humanity's soul

I Found a Girl on Reddit Who Travelled To Global Gathering and Strangled Their Chef

For the unkindled
We look to the sun
Cities in gold
All the victories won

Why Being a Costa Rican Homosexual Got Me a Role on "Silicon Valley"

Fear not the dark
Or the monsters, my friend
And brace for the feast
Of humanity's end

Next Month, Paul McCartney Spends A Decade With a Blood Clot, Shelving Freebase

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low

People are Saying This New Hindu Movie is the Next "The Wire"

Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

We Acquired 14 Inspirational Photos That Confirm Calvin Harris is into Lipstick Lesbian Women

Born of graves and left below
Painted ashes, painted snow
When the dark awakens
Fires of our last hope are getting low

Gumming Acid at Glastonbury: A Betrayal

Souls of gods and souls of men
Meet in cinders to ascend
Fate has chosen
And our fading light is at its end

This is the Non-Binary Prostitute Who Wants to Make Denmark the New Pakistan

Fading light

We Whored Out Dick Cheney and Instagrammed the Shit Out of it

I Began Life as a Roofer in Belgrade and There Was No Condoleezza Rice

Snorting Base Playing Russian Roulette with John Belushi

How Shoreditch's Answer to "Mad Men" Is Just David Letterman on Nose Candy

A Bigender Farmer's Trip Around London

Bombing Crack Cocaine At Work with Marilyn Monroe

First ever antimatter AI guided vessel "Sky God" successfully launched - Verge of the new era

Your world has got you
Alone and silent
You can't fill a whole
With a billion empty souls
Your world will fail my love
It's far beyond repair
Your world will fail my love
It's all ready there

Calm before the rage
Hostage in a cage
Now its too late
To wake up this place
and bring you all back to life

Your world will fail my love
It's far beyond repair
Your world will fail
And you all and the love
You must run for you life

It's Calm before the rage
A hostage in a cage
Your world will fail now
What will it take you
Just to wake up this place
Bring you all to life

Cover Image attribution - free cover art created by Canva
All wallpaper images :
All quote images: Inspiro AI bot

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