World Cup Qatar has started

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The most important sporting event in the world has started with an opening ceremony headed by Morgan Freeman. Why Morgan? Why not I guess.

Id say the opening ceremony was decent, not over the top. Id say the western culture has done its part in making this nation closer to our surface level values.
Aside Qatar being a human rights shithole but nothing in their approach to the opening ceremony showed that.
Contrast that to the opening ceremony of the Olympics in China and you will know what im talking about. A bunch of people, dehumanized, acting as robots in glorying fashion towards their oppressors.

First game starts in about 10 minutes. Ecuador and Qatar. A boring game at first sight but ill be watching it. It should show the quality of refereeing, mentality of the competition.

This World Cup is mired in controversy from the human rights abuse to the obvious corrupt way Qatar purchased the host position.
Will that affect the overall competition, putting that on the minds of the audience and players?
I think it will at least in small part. When the stakes are high, even the smallest drop in focus on the game can affect outcome.


I think it will greatly affect the level of live audience but people will still continue to watch it on television...

Very good article. right now i am also enjoying the first match in Qatar world cup via t broadcast