Tea Party [A 50-Word Story]

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The prompt for this week was "ghost". I wanted to do something other than the obvious so I looked up the different definitions of ghost. One was "a faint trace of something", and then the suggestion given by the dictionary was "she gave the ghost of a smile." I borrowed that line and used that as my prompt for the story below. Enjoy!

Tea Party

“Not today, honey.” Brian turned to Abby. “Daddy has to work.”

A tear slid down her cheek. “Okay, Daddy.” She walked away.

Brian sighed. Work could wait. “Abby.”

She looked back.

“How about a tea party?”

She gave the ghost of a smile. “Really?”

He nodded. “Go get your dolls.”

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I absolutely love your sweet Daddy/Daughter take on this prompt!

Very well done! :D



Thank you!! <3

Damn! That's some twist. Great story. Usually people who report contact with the afterlife do not interact with dead relatives on a regular basis. That adds a certain level of creepiness to an already scary possibility

Thank you, but there's no contact with the afterlife in my story. Just a simple daddy/daughter story :)

Hahaha. I guess I misread it, then. I took the "she gave the ghost a smile" as addressed to Brian/Daddy.
I guess he was a ghosyl father in terms of his absence/presence in the little girl's life/games.

This is so lovely, @therosepatch! Daddy did the right thing!