My Thoughts & Review - Captain America: The First Avenger

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When Captain America begins we are introduced to Steve Rogers. A young skinny loser who just doesn't know when to quit. After attempting to join the draft for WWII for the qwabillionth time he is propositioned with a top secret mission that would turn him into a super soldier and without hesitation he grabs the opportunity to be all that he can be.

After finding out that his best friend Bucky has gone MIA Rogers sets out to save his life and along the way learns of a sinister plot that threatens the world. And thus Captain America goes on a mission to save the world. Growing up the Captain was easily my favorite of The Avengers. Most likely fueled by my love for history.

However when I found out they were making his movie back in 2010 I was like a kid in a candy store. And when I finally saw the movie I was blown away. While the story jumps from point to point quickly making the pacing seemed rushed at times, the exciting nature behind it almost completely made up for this especially during the action scenes. The best thing about this movie however is that it never loses focus off of its main character the Captain, completely developing his character and doing great justice for the comics. Adding to that Chris Evans portrayal of Captain America was amazing but lets talk a little bit more about that in the...

The cast for The First Avenger all fit their characters. Some weren't as amazing as others but none were horrible. Chris Evans played Captain America and was without question my favorite of the casting choices. He completely embodied what I remember reading in the comics when I was a child. Hayley Atwell (Oops! Not Peggy Carter) plays Captain America's love interest and she was phenominal. In fact she is my favorite love interest throughout all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Hugo Weaving plays the Red Skull and he owns the roll. In fact he is my favorite villain in the MCU to date. Bucky was also portrayed really well... On a side note, all the characters costumes were amazing and really helped further their personalities. Especially Red Skull.

Both the visuals and the audio were handled quite well and at no point did I feel under or overwhelmed. The CGI was great but I don't think it was the focus of the movie which I'm fine with. The score was very reminiscent of American propaganda from WWII which I believe was used to create a comedic tone which honestly didn't do it for me.
All in all Captain America: The First Avenger was an amazing movie. It was an outstanding introduction for the character and completely did him justice. Captain America is and always will be one of my favorite comic book movie adaptations.

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