is this done with a long shutter speed and strobe, or with multiple exposures and changing the camera position?

I think you should add images of your rare camera and its model and name in every post with your photos.
Looking at your blog and admiring your works I only once paid attention to the tag, and I didn't pay much attention to it.
It seems to me that if the majority of people who look at your blog understood what tool you use, your posts would be more admired.
In the age of digital photography, few people can imagine the current market value of a single buazh photo!
At weddings especially, thousands of shutter actuations...
Thanks, that's really cool!

These are done with long shutter (B), fog and strobe. Waving the camera around without much control. Later after the films have been developed, I sometimes found some frames that I could print....

I am actually a pro photographer and artist; I am more based in real world and my appearance online is kept to a minimum. I did put some effort into Hive some years ago and had quite some following and made some money. But the project has gone down from there steeply, and my involvement as well.
So now I am happy with showing some of my work to those few here that appreciate it. But my focus is in finding places in the world out there that exhibit my originals. And sell them.
I am on my way to become a reknown photographer :)

I wish you luck in your chosen path and can understand your dissatisfaction with this place. Because the hive is small, the local injustices are much more visible than in the real world.
It would be lucky if I met an artist before he became world famous. I wish I had!
I'd brag to the kids that you supported my content on the hive)))