Top 50 Personal Finance Blogs of 2019

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Do you love reading about personal finance as much as we do? Whether you’re new to staying on top of your finances or need some fresh inspiration to grow your wealth, there are countless blogs available for just about any kind of information.

  1. Money Under 30
    Don’t let the name fool you. Money Under 30 has great information no matter how old you are.

From loan advice to budgeting tips and a little bit of everything in between, this blog keeps up with regular content to keep you in the know. The most popular categories include credit cards, your credit, debt payoff, investing, home buying, and car buying.

  1. Get Rich Slowly
    Learn how to build your wealth over time at Get Rich Slowly. With a simple layout, this blog places a high premium on quality content to help educate readers on all things related to personal finance.

You’ll find tons of different topics here, including technical how to’s on investing as well as simple tips to earn money, like maximizing your next yard sale.

  1. Frugalwoods
    We love Frugalwoods because it’s all about a young couple documenting their path to financial freedom. After leaving the hustle and bustle of Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods now live on a multi-acre plot of land in rural Vermont.

They document how they build wealth through a frugal lifestyle. If you prefer pretty pictures and personal stories while learning how to manage your money, Frugalwoods is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Oblivious Investor
    Oblivious Investor is another personal finance blog that’s simply run by a guy who wants to put good content out into the world. Mike Piper takes you through the ins and outs of investing, providing insightful commentary for both beginners and those who don’t want to put a lot of thought into their portfolios.

For more in-depth reading, check out some of his books that give you the CliffsNotes version of financial topics.

  1. Afford Anything
    “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything,” is blogger Paula Pant’s personal mantra. This blog focuses a lot on real estate and income properties, with extremely transparent financials about her own endeavors.

However, there’s also a lot of worthwhile advice even if you’re not interested in buying real estate, from adjusting your mindset to increasing your productivity and earnings.

  1. Debt Roundup
    Blogger Grayson Bell started Debt Roundup after paying off $75,000 in credit card and auto loan debt. In addition to money-saving and money-making tips, Debt Roundup also provides free tools to help you manage your money, including paying off debt and investing money.

  2. Squawkfox
    Kerry Taylor is a consumer expert who shares her best money tricks and tips with readers on her blog Squawkfox.

It has the feel of a lifestyle blog intersected with personal finance and links to other media sources featuring Kerry, including television appearances and interviews. There’s a lot of personality interjected here, making Kerry’s posts full of flavor.

  1. The Penny Hoarder
    If you need ideas to earn more money, then The Penny Hoarder is the place to go. The site’s content is divided out by money hacks, work from home, budgeting, coupons, and freebies.

Everything is about either saving or making money and while some ideas are small (not surprising, considering the name of the site), there are tons of helpful resources on how to make money from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Man vs. Debt
    Created by Adam and Courtney Baker, who paid off their debt to travel the world, Man vs. Debt focuses on a single mantra: “Sell Your Crap…Pay Off Your Debt…Do What You Love!”

Needless to say, you’ll find countless tips and tricks for unloading the burden of “too much stuff” and empowering yourself to save more and do more.

  1. Money Saving Mom
    You don’t have to be a mom (or a dad) to appreciate Money Saving Mom. The website is updated with multiple posts each day, including coupon codes, grocery budget examples, and freebies.

You’ll also find a lot of inspirational content about how to prioritize your life’s passions and expand your income through multiple revenue streams. If you’re interested in blogging for money, MSM founder Crystal Paine offers a lot of in-depth pieces on how to start and grow your own blog.

From highly technical guides to blogger’s individual stories of how they manage their own money, you can find just about any type of financial perspective.
We’ve gathered a list of the 10 best personal finance blogs of 2019 as the ultimate resource for finding the best information on the (2).jfif


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