The Journey To New Business Through Proof Of Effort

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I'm taking a few minutes to write this today, even though my brain tells me that I "don't have time" to do so. Because of that, I'm going to keep this brief, but thought that sharing a few thoughts today was less selfish than keeping it to myself, so, here we are.

This last couple years has been a very interesting time for me, full of challenges in health, finance and in finding the right mix of direction and motivation to make the right moves for the future I want. I've shared part of that journey here, on the surface level, anyway. One day, I'll likely share more, but for now I'll just say this:

Finding the right path is difficult beyond words, tiring beyond belief and trying beyond comprehension and I haven't even "finished" going through it, although, I feel as if I'm part pay there and on a great trajectory to make the right next steps.

Between conceptualization, research, market analysis, the constant resistance through challenging conversations with family, friends and loved ones- it can take a lot of persistence to stay the course and continue to "share the journey" with them by letting them into your vision and sharing the process in some way or another. I'm sure it's not easy for them either- to watch someone they want to make great leaps in the direction they're traveling rather than stumbling, falling and wiping themselves off just to do it again in a better way.

I look forward now with all that in mind and I smile on all the tumbles, falls and scrapes that led me to this moment and to this blinking cursor that doesn't have any bearing on how long it takes to write this or on the "voice of censorship" that once existed in my head that wouldn't allow me to spill my thoughts out onto the page like ink.

None of this is meant to be self congratulatory, but a statement of facts and observation of a change that I feel is historic to my journey, my past successes and the spring board onto the future successes that will come from action I have yet to take.

I find myself on a journey of discovery, finding that I have been preparing for the moment I now meet for the entirety of my life. That's the obvious observation, being that I can only approach what's before me now with the skills I have at my disposal, given the experience from my past, but it feels worthwhile sharing this.

This post is not going to be all that formally structured or thought out, but I hope there's some value here for you in the only statement I truly felt the need to share today:

If there's something you're passionate about, study it.
If you have an idea that you think might be worth something, explore it.
If you have an opportunity present itself, determine its' value to your plan in life.
If you think you might want to build a business, write a business plan. It's practice.
If you want to own your income, you will need help, no matter how smart you are.
If you're serious about pursuing business, you will be met with other opportunities to test you.
If you're going to build your own income, you will have to turn down other opportunities to do it.

While this is only a short post on a small blog by someone who's mostly unknown in the world on this day, in this very moment, I know only one thig to be certain:

Nothing is certain but that which we make to be certain through our determination to make it so.

Today is a very good day and today is the only day you're guaranteed. Live it well.

Much love and thanks for reading.

Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels