Dear Fiona Lashell... Happy Bday (please don't read more, it isn't for you)

in #fionalashell2 years ago

to all of those who responsible for her suffering, we will hunt you down, capture, and your families, and simply murder you all.

that's it.

you won't be feed your kids.

we won't waste more time.

kill at once.

that's the mission.

and that include your god mr alex jones, you are in the lot, and your mr desantis, hide well... it's gonna be thoughter than you have never seen...

more generally we really need know the secondary bioweapon targeted at waxxed, let's scorch.

they don't deserve to live, to have listened.

now the pay...

and yes you may, so don't worry, or we won be killing them all, or its world won't be for humans anymore.

remember it is because of weakness.

they believed the gov...