Castell de pals at Plaza de le Reina in honor of San Vicente Ferrer - Pirotecnia Nadal-Martí

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In recent years, numerous transformations have been made to enhance the pedestrian-friendliness of several plazas in Valencia, and the Plaza de la Reina was fortunate to be one of the beneficiaries of these efforts.

This revitalized plaza now offers the city an exquisite venue for hosting firework displays. Recently, on April, Pirotecnia Nadal-Martí mesmerized the spectators by presenting their Castell de pals, a captivating and nostalgic firework show predominantly featuring ground elements.

Enthusiasm fills the air as we eagerly anticipate more breathtaking firework displays at the Plaza de la Reina. Its picturesque beauty, with the majestic Micalet tower subtly gracing the backdrop, creates a truly enchanting setting that elevates the entire experience.

This video was recorded with this camera on this gimbal.


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