Walleye Fishing

in #fishing3 months ago

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to get out on Lake Erie for some walleye trolling with some buddies. I’ve never trolled this late in the season so let me tell you it was cold, but beautiful start to the day.

We ended up launching and heading about 3-4 off the shore and started our trolling.


We were pretty excited that I was able to pull the first walleye about 10 mins into our trolling. It was a beautiful fish caught on a shad about 1/3 way down in the water column. We were running out 50 feet on planer boards.


We ended up almost limiting out for the 3 of us. We caught 17 fish that we kept. We also picked up some white bass and a musky that we released.


We ended up getting back to the launch just before sunset so it was a long day. We hit the road at 4 am and got home around 6 pm so when I got home it was time for one last beer before bedtime.


I cracked open another Treehouse beer which hit the spot. Their beers are complex, well crafted and some of the best that I’ve had. I’m sad they are hard to find and so far me. My stock of their beers is fading quickly.



The first fish you caught is quite big and catching 17 fishes in total is good since you don't use a net. I guess it was fishing as a hobby? 4am to 6pm is actually a full day, all you need is rest and sleep.

It's a hobby but we also eat the fish so it was a good day and the freezer is now full.

Wow, that looks like it was an awesome day. I have never been fishing on any of the great lakes, but I have been fishing quite a bit in the UP and down in my area when we actually had lakes. Hopefully one day they will come back again.

This was my first time that far out in a lake. I fly fish more that open water so this was a fun experience.

can i have some?

Haha I'd love to give it away but it does not travel well unless frozen.

Wow! So many fishes. I wish I was there already 🙈 It's was indeed a good day for you and the beer made it complete.

It was a good day I needed it to recharge.

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