Fhishing in deep water

in #fishing6 years ago (edited)

Today I got some redfish in deep water 180m. They are not so easy to find. I used one of my grandfathes site for fishing. For next time I must made some more afficent fishing tools (snik a vertical line whit many hooks and bait). Coming on steemit soon.



A seagull waiting for food



Nice pics! And the eyes have popped, except for one:)

Thats because of the pressure.in deep water.

Wow what beautiful red color! And they taste so good too ^_^ very good pictures

Ah, yes!! UER er utrolig god fisk!!

Thank you. I will try to get more soon.

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Nice pictures, the fish is so red!! :D

Yes a nice fish and taste good. That was todays dinner.

Yes, it sounds delicious :D

Nice - Gee look at the eye on them lol