Fishmaster News: Mini game mechanics revealed + Packs review

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Mini Game | Early backers support 🔥


In a few weeks, we will announce Fishmaster Lake Minigame, which is gonna be the key part of the upcoming game mechanics!

Each player will obtain 3 free rod casts per day by default.

Early pack buyers will get more free casts, depending on how many HBD's they spend on a presale!

🔥 Each 10 HBD spent will give 1 extra cast forever

Casts are refreshable, any Fisherman can refresh all the casts by burning a certain amount of c24 (@cryptex24 token)


What can I get out of the lake?

On a basic (alpha location) you can get trashy event cards or nothing. Trashy event cards can be blended into Resource Pack or Special Upgrade Pack!

What's inside the presale packs?

Each pack contains 3 cards, minted as NFT's, presale chances are:


PackWhat's inside
general.pngGeneral Pack - contains all the cards of the alpha set, with a random mint, chances are: Neutral: 35,82% Good: 38,81% Outstanding: 16,42% Excellent: 6,72% Masterpiece: 2,24% Limit: 1000 packs
farm.pngFarmers Pack - contains all the cards, but the Farmers related cards have a bigger drop chance. N: 32,11% G: 40,13% O: 17,39% E: 7,36% M: 3,01% Limit: 500 packs
fisher.pngFisherman Pack - contains all the cards, but the Fisherman related cards have a bigger drop chance. N: 33,04% G: 40,12% O: 17,70% E: 7,08% M: 2,06% Limit: 500 packs
lab.pngLab Pack - contains all the cards, but the Laboratory related cards have a bigger drop chance. N: 33,92% G: 39,58% O: 16,96% E: 7,07% M: 2,47% Limit: 500 packs
kitchen.pngKitchen Pack - contains all the cards, but the Cook related cards have a bigger drop chance. N: 38,10% G: 38,10% O: 15,48% E: 5,95% M: 2,38% Limit: 500 packs

All the presale cards are limited to their initial amount, there will not be any additional drops or sales of the alpha collection.

🔥🔥🔥 Sale available at:


Special Masterpiece Cards Serie for @cryptobrewmaster passport holders

Those animated Masterpiece cards are limited to 100 per piece and could be obtained only by @cryptobrewmater citizens. Each card will help reducing energy consumption when crafting (working) in a certain building: Lab, Field, Kitchen. Citizens Rod will reduce the chance of getting trashy cards and increase the chance of getting fish.



🔥🔥🔥 Sale available at:

Discord -


Это уже интересно!!!
Вот бы еще вот эту фразу как-то конкретизировать - In a few weeks. Понимаю, что хочу многого. Но, продолжаю хотеть :)

Sorry, with more LUV in your wallet, you can give LUV from the bot daily, for free. Get more LUV at

Genial 😎😎👌

@zxion, sorry! You need more $PIZZA to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 20.0 PIZZA liquid, and 0.0 PIZZA staked.

More $PIZZA is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

Sorry, you don't have enough staked BEER in your account. You need 24 BEER in your virtual fridge to give some of your BEER to others. To view or trade BEER go to

Really looking forward to this game.

Love a bit of fishing! Looking forward to this 😎

Було б дуже здорово побачити ще опис карток, які випадають з паків - для чого вони саме і яку функцію виконують. Чи які переваги дають. Бо опис поки є лише для золотих карт сітізенів. А для чого потрібно все інше - питання відкрите.

Hello but you can't buy anything with hives, because at the moment I don't have HDB and I would like to start playing immediately, in my opinion it would be better to have more payment methods, and if you want you can also use the PGM (PLAY GAMER) token for all video players present on the blockchain, it would be an excellent alternative since its price is 0.10 HIVE and currently continues to remain fixed