Workout 2&3/5 complete. Yesterday did 10:00 on assault bike. Later, did rowing intervals for 7:00 and assault bike intervals for 12:00. Then, AMRAP 14: 10 Russian Twists 10#, 10 sit-ups, 100m run. Today’s workout was 20:00 of yoga.

WO 4/5 complete. 20 min of yoga and 3 sets of 5 negative HSPU.

i've done awful this week. i just really hit the wall. emotionally, physically. funny how one week can be so strong, and the next... whistles CRASH.

I can't really salvage this week at this point. I did get out twice, and will be with friends tomorrow and Saturday....but not really "exercise"

I've already decided that @mariannewest and I should encourage one another next week to have a strong week :)

So this week seems to have been a challenge for everyone. Let me encourage you (and all of us) to continue moving forward, even if you can’t hit the goal. The ultimate goal is to create a habit of exercise, you can do that by finishing the week strong. I think it’s an excellent idea for you and @mariannewest to encourage each other/hold each other accountable.

WO 5/5 completed yesterday. With a partner completed a 1,710m Row followed by 100 synchro Burpees over the bar and 100 Deadlifts 115#. Also got my butterfly pull-ups!!