in #fitnesslast month is great! Peertube suffers from bad quality videos and is great that there are some Peertube instances that are very well managed so that the quality of the posted videos is sane and ok. We cannot do that with because the idea behind this instance is to let anyone register and use it without restrictions. However PeerTube could add a simple feature that would make any instance a whole lot better: an easy to customize homepage where admins can select what videos and channels to promote. And overall a way for admins to kinda select what content to promote. That'd make a massive difference.

Another killer feature for Peertube would be an Invidious like plugin, so that it merges Peertube with youtube. When users search for a video, to search on all peertube instances + on youtube. To prioritize the peertube videos, but to have access to the unmatched library of youtube. And all videos to be showcased on the same instance you use and in the same style using youtube-dl. Plus the ability to mirror any youtube video on peertibe with one click. And to subscribe via your Peertube account to any youtube account.

I honestly cannot use Peertube much because I cannot find any interesting videos/channels among the crazy ones. So integrating invidious on peertube I think could bring a fuck ton more people to Peertube. #tromlive
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