Bye bye Flash player

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Flash is one of the reason where I am now.
I started my career as a flash animator. My first work published on internet was a flash menu for our college website working, action scripts made me learn to code.

Adobe killing flash player from Dec 31 2020, will obligate thousands of great games and animations made in flash from the internet.

We will no longer be able to play those games or see those animated greeting cards and many more from the past decades. Internet archive might keep some but the browsers won't be able to show it.

Feels like half a decade of my past work I spent animatting for loads of e learning courses will become useless. It's a big loss for some people like us, I hope there will be some tool where u can still play it if u want to.

Few months back I went back to my archives to check my old website design made in flash in 2000.. it was awesome animated stuff in flash long before css and jQuery started to rule the internet. But it was very difficult to show it to someone and now it is impossible. 😖

All good things has to come to an end.
You have been a great friend, flash player


It would be worthwhile to make screen capture videos of cool flash programs on old computers that still run the flash player.

True.. may be a video.. but there used to be lots of interactive stuff. That's hard to do 🙂

People are so overloaded with special effects these days that they often fail to understand what was special from a design perspective.

A screen capture video lets designers explain why a seemingly lame effect (by today's standard) was actually innovative.