Homage to the month of Flowers

Throughout this month I will be showing some audiovisual works and nature photography that I encounter every day.

I am almost always walking and that is why it is easy to come across a variety of wild flowers. I have also been helped a lot by the eye training that I have developed as a photographer over the last 10 years.

My love for nature is due to the fact that I grew up in a state in Venezuela that is part of the Amazon and part of the great savannahs where the oldest geological formations on the planet are located. But not everything is rosy. There is a dark and horrible part of these rainforests, the mining of precious stones and metals such as El Oro, diamonds, geodes to name a few has been the biggest environmental problem of this ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of hectares have been destroyed and polluted in the name of dirty money.


Yet I have been able to hold photographic exhibitions on plant and animal diversity. It is important that this part of the audiovisuals and photography is recognized as a fundamental part, as a universal bastion to educate future generations about how great our ecosystem is in South America.


Unfortunately not all think alike and greed can do more than anything on the planet.


How long are we going to destroy our only spaceship?