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If the United States boasts Starbucks and Thailand has Amazon, Japan makes its mark on the global stage with the % Arabica coffee brand. Currently, Arabica Japan has established its presence in most developed countries, and venturing into Vietnam is undoubtedly part of the grand coffee chain's business strategy. However, from its grand opening, % Arabica Saigon faced a myriad of contrasting opinions regarding both pricing and drink flavors. No major brand had taken as long as % Arabica Japan did to make its debut in Vietnam—from its teaser period to its official opening, which spanned a whole year. Nevertheless, this extended duration might have been sufficient for the brand to meticulously research, prepare, and ensure that everything was in impeccable order. Finally, after much anticipation, % Arabica Vietnam made its first appearance in the country on February 12th and became the 142nd branch worldwide. The café is situated on the busiest street in Saigon, at 42 Nguyen Hue, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


Discussing the brand story of % Arabica Vietnam reveals several intriguing aspects. Kenneth Shoji, the founder of % Arabica Japan, nurtured a simple desire for a fragrant cup of Arabica coffee every morning, within a space that felt like "a home" with basic essentials such as food, clothing, and family. Thus, he created % Arabica with all these aspirations in mind.



Surprisingly, % Arabica resonates with most young individuals grappling with the challenges of "adulting." They find peace and a sense of self while indulging in coffee at the café. This is the reason % Arabica, originating from a small coffee shop in the ancient capital of Kyoto, Japan, has evolved into the world's most renowned coffee entity. With over six years of operation, % Arabica Coffee has transformed into an F&B unicorn with 85 stores across 16 countries. The chain promises further expansion throughout 2023.




When discussing one of the key attractions of % Arabica Saigon, the minimalist and uniquely Japanese design cannot be overlooked. Stepping into the café, patrons are captivated by the simple, sleek, yet highly modern design of % Arabica Vietnam. Every corner of the café is meticulously crafted, paying attention to details and ensuring perfection in every small aspect. Even the % Arabica logo is extremely minimalist, standing alone with a pristine white background.





However, simplicity does not equate to monotony. Architects cleverly blend and harmonize three basic colors—white, black, and brown—to achieve both simplicity and prominence. From Europe to Asia, from modern cities to ancient capitals, every % Arabica café boasts a distinctive, harmonious design, playing with natural light to create an appealing overall aesthetic.

There's an intriguing comparison to be made: the drink prices on % Arabica Vietnam's menu are even higher than those at Starbucks or Highlands Coffee after the price hike. This has left the public both skeptical and curious, prompting them to give it a try to form their own judgment. In reality, % Arabica Vietnam's menu is on the expensive side. A distinctive feature of this coffee brand is its use of high-end Slayer coffee machines and modern Tornado King roasters. Notably, % Arabica coffee beans are directly harvested from their own coffee farm in Hawaii, USA. This contributes to the distinct flavor of % Arabica coffee—rich, aromatic, and bold in caffeine. However, only true coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs may be willing to splurge to savor Arabica Vietnam every day, with prices ranging from 65,000 to 145,000 VND.

The Kyoto Latte is a % Arabica signature drink that has contributed to the brand's fame. Additionally, the two best-selling coffee varieties at Arabica Vietnam, the Spanish Latte (110,000 VND) and Dark Latte (115,000 VND), are currently gaining popularity. You can also opt for % Arabica Caffe Latte or Matcha Latte (100,000 VND), with coffee beans roasted to various degrees, offering flavors ranging from mild to bold. If you have a sweet tooth, trying a % Arabica Spanish Latte is sure to get you hooked!

Despite % Arabica's menu leaning heavily towards coffee, if you're not a fan of this beverage, there are still some interesting alternatives. A sparkling "Lemonade Sparkling" (115,000 VND) will refresh your afternoon, and % Soft Cream will make you "melt" with its naturally sweet and fragrant Japanese flavor. Furthermore, % Arabica Vietnam also offers a variety of light snacks and pastries for you to pair with your coffee.

The café opens at 7 AM and closes at 10 PM every day, and it's always bustling with customers. So, if you truly love coffee, % Arabica Vietnam's menu is well worth your money! The above is a review of % Arabica compiled from various sources. Naturally, everyone has different coffee preferences. However, with the reputation, caliber, and meticulousness of a Japanese brand, % Arabica Vietnam is a coffee shop worth experiencing for coffee enthusiasts!

In conclusion, % Arabica Vietnam is not just a coffee shop; it's a cultural experience. The brand brings the essence of Japanese simplicity and sophistication to Saigon, offering not only excellent coffee but also a serene environment for individuals seeking solace and self-discovery amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. With its unique narrative and exceptional design, % Arabica Vietnam promises a coffee adventure that transcends the ordinary.

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