"Ba Ba Om Chuối Đậu Nghệ at Dong Anh Restaurant: A Unique and Flavorful Culinary Experience"

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Seafood restaurant in Dong Anh - an excellent destination for seafood enthusiasts. We had a truly fantastic experience when visiting this place with our group of 11 people.

Firstly, regarding the space, we were truly impressed with the large and convenient parking area. This convenience helped us avoid the hassle of searching for parking when visiting the restaurant. We had to cross a unique wooden bridge to reach the dining area, creating a different and interesting experience.


The dining space of the restaurant is simple but filled with elegance, featuring wooden tables and chairs and tasteful decorations. This atmosphere made us feel comfortable and at ease throughout our meal.






As for the food, the restaurant is truly worth trying. We ordered 2 plates of butter-fried squid, an enticing dish with the delightful aroma of butter. Alongside that, we tried 2 plates of steamed squid with egg, offering freshness and mouthwatering flavors. Grilled sea snails were also a must-try, with a unique and delicious taste.

For those looking for a lighter meal, the vegetable salad with mayonnaise dressing is an excellent choice. Served in attractive decorative plates, the salad had a fresh and nutritious taste.


The dish of rolled ba ba liver in betel leaves is truly the highlight of the meal. The betel leaves keep the ba ba liver tender and flavorful, while creating a crispy outer layer. This combination not only produces an enticing taste but also adds uniqueness and sophistication to the dish.

Furthermore, the fried ba ba is also a delightful surprise. The ba ba meat is prepared to a delightful crispiness, resulting in a distinctive flavor and an enjoyable crunch with each bite. When enjoyed with betel leaves, the harmony between the ba ba meat and




Overall, the seafood restaurant in Dong Anh is not only a great destination for seafood lovers but also offers a unique dining experience with its elegant space and delicious cuisine.

The restaurant in Dong Anh truly left a strong impression on us with its unique and delicious dish, "ba ba om chuối đậu nghệ."

This dish not only delivers a delightful flavor but also provides a nutritious meal known for its health benefits. The ba ba meat is delicately prepared, easy to eat, and offers a distinctive culinary experience. If you've had the opportunity to taste it once, you will surely remember it forever.


Ba ba, raised in ponds and lakes in rural areas, has a slow growth rate, contributing to the delicious and unique taste of its meat. In the past, dishes made from ba ba were considered extravagant and reserved for families with means. However, nowadays, as ba ba is more widely raised, this dish has become popular and familiar to many.

The ba ba om chuối đậu nghệ at this restaurant is particularly impressive. The ba ba meat is fried to a golden crisp, creating a deliciously crispy outer layer, while retaining the original shape of the ba ba on the plate, forming an attractive culinary masterpiece. The turmeric-infused sauce, blending with the sweetness of ba ba, the richness of green bananas, and the delectable flavor of tofu, creates a unique and flavorful taste.

The ba ba om chuối đậu nghệ at Dong Anh restaurant is a remarkable culinary experience, showcasing a sophisticated combination of high-quality ingredients and skillful preparation. The reasonable price, around $30 for 1 kg of ba ba, is another positive point that makes us eager to come back for more. This dish will undoubtedly satisfy those who love seafood and traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

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