Cao Bang Rolled Cake

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Cao Bang rolled cake is truly a fantastic culinary experience for those who love traditional Vietnamese cuisine. With its characteristic soft and fragrant texture, each piece of rolled cake is delicately wrapped like spring rolls, offering a unique dining experience.


What sets Cao Bang rolled cake apart is the preparation of the meat and wood ear mushrooms, creating an enticing topping that enhances the flavor of each piece. Served with fresh vegetables, dipping sauce, and delicious pork sausage, Cao Bang rolled cake becomes a perfect choice for breakfast or lunch.

Cao Bang rolled cake is not only a unique dish in this region but also an integral part of Vietnamese cuisine. With various types of rolled cakes, such as those filled with meat, vegetarian options, or eggs, each region adds its own twist to enhance the taste and characteristics of this dish.

The most distinctive feature of Cao Bang rolled cake lies in its broth, often made with aromatic bone broth. This difference creates a novel and unique experience, making this dish stand out compared to other versions.










While people typically enjoy rolled cakes with sweet and sour garlic fish sauce, in Cao Bang, the use of flavorful bone broth as a complement makes the dish stand out as unique and special. This might seem "unusual" to some at first, but it ultimately creates a fresh culinary experience.

Grilled meat on charcoal, with the delicious flavor of each piece, combined with the aromatic herb dipping sauce and a salad of jicama and carrots, creates a distinctive and stylish meal. The crispy fried shallots served alongside add an extra layer of crunch, making each piece of rolled cake even more enticing.



With a price of approximately 50,000 VND (around 2.2 USD) for a serving like the one pictured, you will experience a delicious and satisfying meal. Cao Bang rolled cake is truly a destination not to be missed for those who want to explore the distinctive flavors of Vietnamese mountain cuisine.


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