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After enduring two months of social distancing in Hanoi, the desire for a comforting cup of coffee intensified. As soon as the news of restrictions easing emerged, I promptly planned a visit to my cherished haven - Joie Coffee.


In a time when many cafes faced closure due to the severe impact of Covid-19, or were cautiously preparing for reopening, Joie Coffee not only weathered the storm but also swiftly declared its readiness to welcome guests on its fan page.


Despite being on the scene for less than a year, Joie has already gained a considerable reputation for providing a tranquil, green space in the heart of Hanoi. Join me as I explore the serene ambiance of Joie Coffee's courtyard and skies.







Aesthetic Delight
Situated within a collective housing area, Joie Coffee offers a private and intimate atmosphere away from the main road. The spacious front yard can accommodate around 10 motorcycles, with additional communal parking nearby. The absence of a bustling crowd makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking a quiet and contemplative environment.

The entrance leads to a refreshing green courtyard and a peaceful sky – a simple yet captivating combination seldom found in Hanoi's urban landscape. The harmonious blend of white, brown, and green hues creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere, providing solace even after a challenging day.

The courtyard's ground, covered with white pebbles, adds to the overall aesthetics. However, it's advisable to tread on the gray or glazed tiles along the edges to prevent slipping, as the ground beneath the pebbles is soft, and the smooth surface can make walking challenging.

Joie Coffee, in its current state, might not have had the opportunity to prepare everything thoroughly or is possibly awaiting an official decision to resume normal activities at 100%. A comparison with previous fan page photos reveals a less populated seating arrangement, predominantly featuring a white color theme that imparts a light and delicate ambiance.

In conclusion, Joie Coffee, with its serene ambiance and strategic location, provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. As they continue to fine-tune their offerings, it promises to be a delightful haven for coffee enthusiasts seeking tranquility in the heart of the city.






Culinary Exploration
Our group, eager to explore the offerings, decided to try a variety of drinks. The choices included the Roselle Rose Tea, Cheese Milk Tea, Mango Ice Cream Tea, and Peach Orange Tea. The pricing, starting from 40,000 VND, left us pleasantly surprised as the drinks were not only reasonably priced but also lived up to the promise of a delightful experience.

  • Roselle Rose Tea
    The Roselle Rose Tea, a vibrant infusion, presented a perfect harmony of floral and fruity notes. Served in an artfully crafted cup, the beverage was not just a drink but a visual masterpiece. The hibiscus undertones blended seamlessly with the essence of roses, creating a refreshing and invigorating concoction.

  • Cheese Milk Tea
    The Cheese Milk Tea, a beloved classic with a twist, showcased the mastery of Jolie Coffee in blending flavors. The rich and creamy cheese layer on top added a luxurious touch to the traditional milk tea. The balance between the tea's robustness and the creaminess of the cheese elevated the drink to a delightful symphony of taste.

  • Mango Ice Cream Tea
    For those with a penchant for tropical flavors, the Mango Ice Cream Tea was a revelation. Served in an aesthetically pleasing glass, the layers of mango goodness, ice cream, and tea created a delightful texture. The sweetness of the mango complemented the tea's bitterness, resulting in a well-balanced and indulgent beverage.

  • Peach Orange Tea
    The Peach Orange Tea, a fusion of two beloved fruits, was a testament to Joie Coffee's commitment to flavor experimentation. The subtle sweetness of peach intertwined with the citrusy notes of orange, delivering a drink that was not only refreshing but also carried a hint of sophistication.

Unparalleled Elegance
What sets Joie Coffee apart is not just the quality of its beverages but also the unparalleled elegance in presentation. Each drink is a work of art, thoughtfully crafted to enhance the overall experience. The attention to detail, from the choice of cups to the arrangement of ingredients, reflects a commitment to excellence.


In the realm of Hanoi's bustling coffee scene, Joie Coffee stands out as a gem that offers not only delectable beverages but also a visual feast. The prices, starting from 40,000 VND, make it accessible to a broad audience, ensuring that everyone can savor the elegance and flavor that Joie Coffee has to offer. As we left the tranquil haven, our taste buds and senses satiated, we couldn't help but anticipate our next visit to this enchanting establishment. Jolie Coffee, where elegance meets flavor, truly lives up to its name.

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