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Laika Coffee is a renowned coffeehouse chain in Hanoi, Vietnam, and after experiencing it firsthand, I cannot help but share my positive impressions.


One of Laika's initial attractions is its inviting ambiance. With two spacious floors, the establishment creates a sense of comfort and openness. The meticulously curated interior decor contributes to a warm and elegant atmosphere. Especially with Christmas around the corner, the embellishments of Christmas trees, bells, ribbons, and gift wraps throughout add a festive and exciting holiday vibe.





The prices at Laika may be considered higher compared to the average costs of coffee and tea beverages in Vietnam, ranging from 2 to 3 dollars. However, this perceived expense is justified by the excellent quality of their products. The drinks here are crafted from high-quality coffee beans, delivering distinctive and aromatic flavors. The menu offers a diverse range of options, from espresso and cappuccino to a variety of rich teas, catering to the diverse preferences of customers.











Furthermore, Laika's strategic choice of locations in bustling streets and city centers reflects a wise business approach. This decision positions Laika as an ideal meeting point for both locals and tourists seeking an ideal coffee space and the enjoyment of quality beverages.




Exploring the Laika Coffee chain is not just about the beverage experience; it is a journey to appreciate luxurious, creative, and cozy spaces. Particularly during the Christmas season, Laika Coffee becomes an unmissable destination with its dazzling and charming holiday decorations.

I opted to try the Oolong Tea with Matcha Ice Cream at Laika Coffee, and the overall presentation of the Matcha cup was visually stunning. The arrangement of the Matcha and ice cream was meticulous, with a smooth, creamy white layer of ice cream on top, complemented by an adorable round Matcha ice cream ball. The unique touch of the crispy cinnamon-flavored ice cream shell added a multi-dimensional and stylish dimension to the tasting experience. Priced at $2.6, this Matcha cup seems reasonable considering the special decoration and quality.

Laika Coffee not only emphasizes the quality of beverages but also focuses on beautiful design in each tea/coffee cup. This creates a unique and refined space for tasting, adding extra value to the customer experience.




While the prices at Laika may seem high compared to the average in Vietnam, the cafe targets the middle to upper-class clientele. As a student with limited income, my expectations and desire to experience delicious teas and beverages from Laika make me feel that it's a place worth trying. Laika Coffee is not just a place for enjoying drinks; it's an artistic and creative experience, providing an ideal atmosphere to indulge in sophistication and class.

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I like so much the atmosphere of this place, so cozy and I like the Christmas decorations! And as a coffe lover im super curioso about the matcha caffè! So many kind of coffees so cool 😎