LULI Cafe: A Tranquil Oasis of Japanese Elegance in Hanoi

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LULI Cafe, located in Kim Ma, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, is an ideal destination for those who appreciate the atmosphere of Japanese-style cafes with a unique blend of traditional and modern elements. Situated discreetly within an alley, it provides a private and tranquil space amidst the bustling capital.


At first glance, the cafe captivates visitors with its architecture heavily influenced by Japanese aesthetics, where classic and modern styles harmoniously coexist, creating a distinctive ambiance. The cafe offers various corners suitable for all ages and preferences, including creative spots for Instagram-worthy pictures, fostering a lively and diverse atmosphere. Additionally, quiet and comfortable working corners provide a special convenience for those seeking a refined working environment.

The extended courtyard adorned with small stones forms a picturesque scene, making LULI Cafe a unique and appealing spot. Beyond being a place to savor drinks, LULI is an ideal space for relaxation, conversation, and unwinding.


The pricing at LULI is a positive highlight, ranging from 45,000 VND to 2 USD. The cafe not only offers a charming view but also ensures reasonable prices for customers. This is particularly suitable for those wanting to enjoy the Japanese atmosphere without excessive spending.





The primary focus of the menu at LULI is tea, providing customers with a diverse and rich selection. Carefully brewed, the tea retains its delicate flavor, making each sip a delightful and enticing experience.

Recently, I had the opportunity to enjoy the ambiance at LULI and specifically chose two beverages: "bac xiu" (a traditional Vietnamese coffee) and "tra nhai kem sua" (chewy tea with milk foam).

The "bac xiu" at LULI is not just an ordinary cup of coffee but a true work of art. The cafe decorates the cup with adorable white teddy bears, creating a unique and attractive presentation. The warmth and comfort of the "bac xiu" blend seamlessly with the distinctive flavor, providing a unique and charming tasting experience.

The second beverage, "tra nhai kem sua," is an exquisite combination of the aroma of tea and the richness of milk foam. The layer of creamy foam on top adds a light and fragrant texture. The slight nuttiness combined with the aroma of the tea creates a wonderful harmony, making each sip intriguing and scoring points for its unique and delicious taste.




Beyond the beverages, the interior of LULI is noteworthy. Inside the small house, the cafe is decorated with sophistication and creativity, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The use of white teddy bears as cup decorations is a unique idea, making the space interesting and charming.

In conclusion, LULI Cafe in Kim Ma is not just a place to enjoy drinks but also an ideal space to experience new and memorable moments. The cafe's distinctive features in architecture, ambiance, and pricing make it a perfect destination for meetings, work, or simply to savor a tranquil atmosphere amidst the dynamic capital.

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I love the architecture and the style of that place looks both cozy and elegant,❤️