Nha cua Xiu - camping cafe

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Nha Cua Xiu" cafe is situated at Dong Quan Dam, Soc Son, providing customers with a unique experience in a space decorated in the style of a camping-themed cafe. The standout feature of the establishment is the presence of numerous tents and camps, creating a pure and nature-inspired setting.


The cafe showcases creativity in its decor with tents and camps, establishing a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of an outdoor camping site. In the evenings, visitors have the option to rent barbecue grills for a delightful BBQ experience. This makes it a distinctive and ideal spot for gatherings with friends or group events.

The cafe leaves a lasting impression with its diverse array of beautiful flowers such as roses, lilies, and cam tu flowers. The space within the cafe resembles a fairytale painting, dreamy and intimately connected with nature. The thoughtful arrangement of flowers creates a fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

With a considerably spacious area, the cafe is an ideal destination for large groups. From an elevated position, one can witness golden fields of ripened rice, creating a mesmerizing landscape. Sitting atop, visitors can relax and admire the serene countryside views of Vietnam.



"Nha Cua Xiu" is more than just a typical cafe; it is a place to experience the tranquility of the countryside and relieve stress. If you find yourself feeling bored and in need of a place to unwind, this is the ideal destination.

Located at Dong Quan Dam, Soc Son, "Nhà Của Xiu" cafe is a remarkable destination with a unique ambiance and a diverse range of beverages. During my recent visit, I had the pleasure of trying a cup of apple-flavored brown sugar pearl milk tea and a cup of peach and apricot tea.





The apple-flavored brown sugar pearl milk tea is an excellent combination of the fragrant apple taste and the sweetness of brown sugar. The freshly cooked hot brown sugar pearls added a delightful chewy and sweet texture to the drink. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate the harmony of milk tea with the distinctive flavor of apple.

The peach and apricot tea provided another intriguing experience. The natural aroma of peach and apricot, combined with fresh ingredients, created a unique and delicious tea flavor. The tea's mild and gentle taste, not overly sweet, allowed me to relax and appreciate the freshness from the natural components.




In summary, "Nha Cua Xiu" cafe is not just a coffee spot; it offers a unique experience combining natural surroundings, beautiful flowers, and the rustic atmosphere of the countryside. It's the perfect place for you and your group to enjoy moments of relaxation and lasting impressions.

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